About Us

Core Values

We believe our company’s long-term health and our ability to deliver for our clients is directly tied to our company culture. Core values are more meaningful to Armedia than a plaque on a wall. We weave our core values into the very fabric of our company—from our open communication of delivery status to our clients to our constant desire to exhibit leadership in every action we take. We actively measure our performance with respect to our core values and encourage unwavering commitment to them.


Integrity is central to our core values. Everything starts with integrity and all else is irrelevant without it. Doing the right thing is always the correct choice.

Award Winners
2023 Srinivasa Gunturu
2022 Sanija Shabani
2021 Mickey Lee
2020 David Miller
2019 Tariqul Islam
2018 Lee Grayson
2017 Ajie Velasquez
2016 Vic (Arpit) Rao
2015 Alan Li
2014 Dave Miller
2013 Keith Jacobs
2012 Dimy Jeannot
2011 Steve Boyd
2010 Bill Hunton
2008 John Vaughn
2007 Colin Stephenson
2006 Bill Hunton
2005 Sanin Rahman
2004 Roshmi Verma

Client Delivery

Our clients’ success is our primary concern. This success is directly impacted by our ability to ensure our clients meet their strategic business objectives. We evolve our disciplined delivery approach to meet the changing needs of our clients and we thrive on mitigating their risk.

Award Winners
2023 Justin McClure
2022 Adrijana Maneva
2021 Joseph McGrady
2020 Stephanie Blazo
2019 Ryan DeLeo
2018 Anil Valevate
2017 Chae Kim
2016 Joseph McGrady
2015 Corretta Martin
2014 USDA ALF Core Team: Fan Wu, Corretta Martin, Balaji Sampath
2013 Fan Wu
2012 Brian Ghigiarelli
2011 Brian Ghigiarelli
2010 Steve Boyd
2008 Colin Stephenson
2007 James Wu
2006 Anashka Munasinghe
2005 Brian Williamson
2004 Dave Cummo


Leadership is not about being served; it is about serving others to the benefit of our teams, our employees, our company, and our clients. We constantly strive to break down barriers through leadership, such as taking action when others do not, innovating to increase productivity, and knowing when to ask for help. A great leader has a bias for action, and we strive for this mindset.

Award Winners
2023 Andrijana Narashanova
2022 Corretta Martin
2021 Kevin Murphy
2020 Kamal Husain
2019 David Miller
2018 Kenney Sharpton
2017 Riste Turtureski
2016 Manoj Dhungana
2015 Matt Maines
2014 Matt Maines
2013 David Lane
2012 Ruben Zuniga-Pirir
2011 Balaji Rajamani
2010 Vicentee Ferguson
2008 Huq Jaleel
2007 John Vaughn
2006 Brian Williamson
2005 Huq Jaleel
2004 Huq Jaleel

People Growth

Our people are our most valuable asset. Every person at Armedia is committed to growing themselves and members of our team. We strive to develop our employees’ breadth and depth across our business areas. We emphasize this focus through our employee coaching program to set personal business goals that expedite growth into new roles within the company.

Award Winners
2023 Deja Logan
2022 Gerard Debold
2021 Bojan Milenkoski
2020 Bojan Milenkoski
2019 Kamal Husain
2018 Matt Reese
2017 June Brokos
2016 Susan Ladwig
2015 Manoj Dhungana
2014 Judy Hsu Romano
2013 Dimy Jeannot
2012 David Miller
2011 Dimy Jeannot
2010 Dave Miller
2008 Lee Dallas
2007 Sanin Rahmin
2006 Sanin Rahmin
2005 Parvan Kumar
2004 Brian Williamson


We strive to be proactive in our communication and conceal nothing, focusing on factual details instead of diversion. Our employees are focused on giving timely, honest feedback to each other to improve each other, our teams, and our company. Our feedback is not one dimensional—it equally focuses on recognition and improvement. Through openness we ensure we live up to our core values.

Award Winners
2023 Daniel Walker
2022 Saieh Bijani
2021 Sanija Shabani
2020 Kevin Murphy
2019 Bojan Milenkoski
2018 Ben Baulkwill
2017 Balaji Sampath
2016 Chitima Rattanatayathikun
2015 Balaji Sampath
2014 Balaji Rajamani
2013 Chauncey Odell
2012 David Lane
2011 AJ McClary
2010 Lee Grayson
2008 Leslie Dalton
2007 Buddy Ditthardt
2006 John Vaughn
2005 Candance Ryan
2004 Terence McDevitt


Relationships with our clients, partners, fellow employees, and local organizations define our community. Our commitment to Community focuses on building relationships that last, which are based on integrity and substance. We take pride in measuring and rewarding our people on their community activities and actively support participation in many business and non-business related community activities, such as participating in Relay for Life, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and contributing to disaster relief efforts.

Award Winners
2023 Bube Miladinovska
2022 Anil Valevate
2021 Stephanie Blazo
2020 Myrtle Engram
2019 Joyce Jackson
2018 David Casterline
2017 Noah Rossiter
2016 Dave Shaffer
2015 Bill Hutton
2014 June Brokos
2013 June Brokos
2012 Kamal Husain
2011 Keith Jacobs
2010 Maggie Bailey
2008 Lee Grayson
2007 Nicole Harris
2006 Katie Leland
2005 Katie Leland
2004 Candace Ryan

Well Balanced Life

Armedia recognizes work is not the only aspect of its employees’ lives. We all need time for family and friends to keep a sense of balance. Without this balance, productivity goes down. We understand when unexpected events occur. Our policies reflect our priority towards a Well Balanced Life, and we estimate and plan our projects realistically to support this value.

Award Winners
2023 Maggie Bailey
2022 Daniel Walker
2021 Nathan Obert
2020 Matthew Maines and Sanija Shabani
2019 Colin Stephenson
2018 Scott Roth
2017 Alan Li
2016 Dave Miller
2015 Sanija Shabani
2014 Colin Stephenson
2013 Balaji Rajamani
2012 Ronda Ringo
2011 Bill Hutton
2010 Sarah Simpson
2008 Bill Hutton
2007 Huq Jaleel
2006 Huq Jaleel
2005 John Vaughn
2004 Anand Srinivasen

UnSung Hero "Brian Yasaki" Award

An unsung hero is one who does great deeds but seeks little or no recognition for them.

Award Winners
2023 Joseph McGrady
2022 Ana Serafimoska
2021 Nebojsha Davidovikj
2020 Joseph McGrady
2019 Yogesh Prjapati
2018 Kamal Husain
2017 Petar Ilin
2016 Maksud Sharif
2015 Joseph McGrady
2014 Benjamin Chevallereau