The 4 Differences between Old vs Modern FOIA Software Solution

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Does your government agency have a difficult time keeping pace with responding to FOIA requests? That is likely due to having an old instead of a modern FOIA software solution. The FOIA Project made a study where they submitted an FOIA request to 21 different federal agencies to determine response rates. Two months after they submitted the requests, only seven government agencies responded adequately by providing records.

old vs modern FOIA software solution

Federal agencies are as well inefficient when it comes to handling their records. It can be tough for federal agencies to find the particular records because they are flooded with electronic data. To make things even worse, they not only are continuously producing and collecting data, but also plenty of them must retain everything in continuity. So there’s plenty to sort through when an FOIA request knocks on the door.

It stands to reason that government agencies need a modern FOIA software solutions to deal with the FOIA deluge. Here are a few differences between an old vs modern FOIA software solution and how it can help.

1.     Pre-Collection Analytics

Having a modern FOIA software solution for your government agency that provides pre-collection analytics is highly beneficial. They allow the agencies to estimate the breadth of an FOIA request immediately through keywords and other advanced searchings, which in turn limits the amount of data that has to be extracted from the given repository to fulfill the request.

2.     Pre-Redaction and Document Repository

A modern FOIA software solution that can pre-redact data is highly beneficial. Most of the data that the government agencies are redacting is PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and can be found in the exact location for many FOIA requests. An automated tool that aids in locating records and redacts exempt material automatically is also beneficial for every FOIA agency.

Further, traditional, old FOIA software solutions only provide reduction, while a modern solution offers document repository.

3.     Web-Based Solutions

With an old, traditional FOIA software solution government agencies can only streamline paper-based FOIA request processes. Whereas with a modern FOIA software solution, you can shift from paper-based to a web-based automated solution.

paper-based vs web based (FOIA software solution)

Armedia’s FOIA modern software solution meets the government agencies needs with a web-based, workflow-driven automated solution. This solution speeds up the response time and successfully manages the entire process of responding to FOIA requests.

4.     Electronic FOIA (eFOIA)

With a traditional, old FOIA software solution, government agencies fail to easily and quickly provide citizens with status about their requests. That’s why agencies need to take a step towards implementing a modern, flexible solution that will help them to track, scan, redact, and process FOIA requests much faster and with greater quality control.

An automated solution enables improved e-FOIA request processing and tracking while using the publicly open internet for citizen communication. This technology provides FOIA departments with performance metrics for measuring and estimating operations while meeting legislated reporting requirements.

Here’s How Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software Solution Can Help

 illustration of how armedia's FOIA module can help public defenders

Armedia’s FOIA module meets and exceeds FOIA requirements with an off-the-shelf modern, automated software solution. Armedia has partnered with ArkCase, Alfresco, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Snowbound, and Ephesoft to deliver an FOIA/PA automated solution that is highly configurable, scalable, intuitive, and compliant.

  • ArkCase is highly flexible to be configured in each customer’s specific context and provides high-quality support for the fundamentals of an FOIA solution.
  • Alfresco is an ECM open source platform that provides compliant storage solution with a DoD 501502 certified records management component.
  • Snowbound provides an embedded viewer that supports annotation and redaction capabilities.
  • Ephesoft provides an intelligent document capture solution for imaging records.
  • Lastly, AWS hosts the solution providing a FedRAMP compliant platform.

Using these automated platforms, Armedia offers a modern, web-based, and workflow-driven  FOIA software solution specifically designed to help federal, state, and local government agencies automate, analyze, manage, and quickly and easily handle FOIA requests.

Armedia’s automated, modern FOIA software solution is well known among 500 companies, federal, local and foreign government agencies. Armedia’s FOIA module helps them to quickly and easily manage the entire process of responding to requests and aids in dramatically speeding up the response time. Here are the key benefits that agencies gain by utilizing Armedia’s FOIA module:

  • Centralized processing from different request channels: web, paper, fax.
  • Eased and simplified upload of documents, videos, and photos.
  • Compliance with security and records retention.
  • Electronic delivery of requested information.
  • Mobile-friendly and cloud-based module.
  • Minimized risk of information lost.
  • Automated business intelligence.
  • Promptly access to information.
  • Faster information assembling.
  • Automatic records declaration.
  • Improved workflow capacity.
  • Greater user productivity.
  • Faster response rate.

Federal and local government agencies can enjoy the many benefits that Armedia’s FOIA module provides which make everything digitalized and easily searchable. Communicating with other departments and managing documents becomes a lot easier which, in turn, speeds up the response time. By utilizing Armedia’s modern FOIA software solution, agencies can now deliver quality service and keep the citizens up-to-date.

To Conclude

Federal, state, and local government agencies need a modern FOIA software solution that provides clear and proactive FOIA communication instead of an old, paper-based that slows the FOIA request processes.

Utilizing an automated solution for your agency means having an effective, web-based workflow and happy citizens. So if you are looking for a modern FOIA software solution that will help your agency respond to requests in a more efficient and timely manner, then look no further than Armedia’s FOIA module.

Our team at Armedia is fully dedicated to delivering outstanding partner and customer experience through leading-age technology and professional service. By choosing Armedia modern FOIA software solution, you secure your department agency success.

Hope this article helped you determine the differences between an old vs modern FOIA software solution. Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share with your colleagues on the social networks so they can too improve their department agency with an automated, modern FOIA software solution.


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