6 Ways Modern FOIA Software Will Increase Your Agency Effectiveness

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The awareness of open and transparent government continually increases. As a result, government agencies find it more difficult to deal with the enormous number of FOIA requests.

increase agency's effectiveness with modern FOIA Software

Responding to FOIA requests in an efficient and timely manner is a huge challenge for agencies. Moreover, the ever-changing needs and complexity of FOIA requests lead to decreased effectiveness of FOIA processing. Therefore, agencies that deals with FOIA requests need a solution which will reduce the time and increase the effectiveness of FOIA processing.

If your agency is one of them, you are surely frustrated by the number of resources and time it takes to store, organize and manage each FOIA request while having to meet strict deadlines.

But don’t worry. We have some good news for you.

Using ArkCase as a platform, Armedia created the Modern FOIA Module to respond to this need.

How Armedia’s Modern FOIA Module Empowers FOIA Processing With Effectiveness

the FOIA process with Armedia FOIA Software

Armedia’s FOIA Module emerges as a revolutionary system in the industry. It reduces the time spent on FOIA processing and most importantly, it improves the effectiveness of the entire FOIA processing. Our FOIA Software provides your agency with a solution to increase the effectiveness throughout the entire lifecycle. That is from FOIA request submitted to the final response and delivery of the requested documents.

Here are 6 ways how Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software enhances your agency’s functionality and increases the effectiveness of the entire FOIA processing:

  1. Data storage and access to records
  2. Effective use of the time and labor
  3. Communication with requesters
  4. Management of FOIA requests
  5. Improved workflow
  6. Customer service

Let’s focus on each of these points in more detail.

1. Data Storage And Access To Records

Armedia’s Modern FOIA Module increases the effectiveness of the data storage and access to records. Armedia’s Modern FOIA Module takes care of processing FOIA requests. Moreover, it stores and maintains all the records and correspondence related to that request according to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) schedules.

Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software provides your agency with a secure and reliable data storage solution. Our FOIA Software, being cloud-based and available as a FedRAMP offering, is made of many distributed resources acting as one. This allows your agency a secure access to data from anywhere in the world.

2. Effective Use Of The Time And Labor

Improving productivity by better management of repetitive tasks is key to any organization’s productivity growth.

Software solutions like the Armedia FOIA Solution help team lead in tracking progress with minimal effort.

Features like Automatic Status Updates, Pre-configured Workflows, Time and Expense Tracking per task and per case or request, all of these contribute to the more effective use of time and labor spent on managing each FOIA request.

3. Communication With Requesters

The multi-track system of Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software also contributes to increasing the effectiveness of communication with requesters. With that said, our FOIA Software allows two-way communication.

Also, the multi-track system allows requesters to always know the stage of their request in the process. And when the submitted FOIA request is granted or denied, the system notifies the requester of the final decision.

In cases where there is a need for an extension of the estimated time or there is additional information your employees need, our Modern FOIA Software enables you to contact the requester to get that information.

 4. Management Of FOIA Requests

Managing a massive number of FOIA requests on a daily basis is one of the largest problems for agencies.

Luckily, our Modern FOIA Software makes everything digitized and easily accessible for employees. It stores all submissions and makes them available for further access.

Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software approaches each request as an individual case. Each request goes through the stages of:

  • Capturing requests in the digital database sourced in different locations (from various forms of submission such as fax, web, paper.),
  • Automatic status updates for each request as it moves through the process,
  • Final response and delivery of the requested information through a secure portal.

Our Modern FOIA Software employs a multi-track system. This system enables employees to estimate the exact time required for each request to be managed and delivered.

With that said, this feature enables employees to always know their job during the entire process.

5. Improved Workflow 

The multi-track system and the automatic status update feature of Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software allows for a simplified, faster and therefore more effective workflow.

Our Modern FOIA Software works on a pre-configured workflow. The standard format our module uses makes it easier for employees to estimate the time and stages each FOIA request requires.

With this and the automatic status update feature employees always know their place and tasks in the process.

Also, proactively applying the policy against unnecessary withholding of information helps requesters gain trust in your agency and as such improve the effectiveness of your customer service.

6.Customer Service

Another way Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software increases the effectiveness of managing FOIA requests is by improving the customer service.

By increasing the effectiveness of communication with requesters, the multi-track system of our Modern FOIA Software increases the effectiveness of customer service.

The ability to always know where their request is in the process and the ability to communicate with your agency increase customer satisfaction.


Armedia FOIA Software

Relying on ArkCase, Armedia created a Modern FOIA Module as a solution for agencies that struggle with managing the massive amount of FOIA requests.

As a tried and tested solution, our FOIA Software ensures improved effectiveness in every segment of processing FOIA requests.

Armedia’s Modern FOIA Software with all its features like the pre-configured workflow, the automatic status update, e-mail integration, search and redact, time and expense tracking, reporting and analytics, automated delivery, exemption code management, integration with payment processing solution like and its multi-track nature increases the effectiveness of your agency in at least six ways.

The Module also improves the effectiveness of data storage, workflows, the entire process of managing FOIA requests, communication with requesters, and customer service. All of this, while enabling employees to be more productive with their work.

Feel free to reach out with questions and comments about the FOIA Module capabilities. Also, please spread the word so that more FOIA agencies would find out about the benefits they could have by using the Armedia FOIA Software.


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