Armedia Leverages ArkCase, Alfresco and AWS AI Services to drive business efficiencies  

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Armedia integrates AWS transcription services

Did you know that the industry standard for manually transcribing 1 hour of clear audio is 4 hours?  That is a 4 to 1 ratio. Poor audio could take as much as 9 hours to transcribe 1 hour (9 to 1 ratio), which means a lot of manual hours are needed to transcribe audio and video files. Think about how much Society relies on audio and video files these days. Recently, we were asked to help solve this challenge by a law enforcement agency.  This agency was spending about 8 hours for every 1 hour (8 to 1) of body camera or interview audio or video.  Our solution – ArkCase, Alfresco, and AWS – originally proposed for their IT Modernization project addressed this challenge. Intrigued, they asked for a demo. With a clear understanding of the opportunity to further demonstrate value, we asked for a few weeks to prepare the demo.

Before We Get to the How, Let’s Describe the What

What are the platforms being used in this solution?

  • For starters, ArkCase is a low-code IT modernization or case management platform. ArkCase aims to be the premier open source low-code case management platform.
  • Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management platform providing core document management, business process management and records management services.
  • AWS is the leading cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS) supporting our ability to comply with FedRAMP, CJIS, HIPAA, HiTECH, SOC2 and other security controls.

ArkCase provides an intuitive, accessible and responsive user interface to view, stream, and transcribe rich media files. ArkCase integrates with AWS Transcribe service to provide high volume, high quality and cost-effective transcription of audio and video files. The transcription functionality in ArkCase allows users to upload audio and video files within ArkCase and configure whether files are automatically transcribed or manually sent to be transcribed allowing organizations to control their costs. ArkCase then uses an Alfresco Activiti workflow to process the files using AWS automatic speech recognition (ASR) service, which will produce the transcription files. The outcome of the process is a highly visual transcription with close caption and that can be searched and edited for enrichment. In addition, the transcription can be compiled into a Microsoft Word document from sharing. The user interface allows for streaming the rich media file while viewing the transcription text. This is extremely helpful when manually QAing the transcription text.

What Does ArkCase Transcription Functionality Provide?

The ArkCase user can perform many different actions on the transcribed file:

  • Viewing of the File Details
    • Language
    • Total Word Count
    • Confidence Rating of the Transcribed File
    • Transcription Status (In Process, Complete)
  • Listen or View to File in a Streaming Viewer with Close Caption
  • Searching for text within audio or video files
    • Jumping to that section of the audio or video
  • Tagging the file based on the transcription
  • Viewing Individual Sections of the Transcription Text
    • Each Transcription Text Section Shows:
      • Start Time of that Section of Text
      • Confidence Rating of that Section of Text
    • Editing Individual Sections of Transcription Text during QA
    • Automatically Compile the Transcription Text into a Single Document File

ArkCase transcription functionalities

Can ArkCase Transcription Functionality be Configured?

ArkCase transcription functionality also provides administration configurations for certain transcribe options within the ArkCase application:

  • Enable Transcription to turn on transcription
  • Automatic or Manual Transcription to decide if you want all rich media files processed or to manually select the files you want to be processed
  • Word Count per transcribed section for chunking and readability
  • Confidence Threshold for highlighting sections that may need human reviewing

ArkCase transcription configuration

An Administrator can control the transcription functionality for all users in the ArkCase application, by enabling or disabling the functionality.  If the functionality is enabled, the rich media files can be sent to AWS for transcription manually or automatically. If the Admin selects to enable automatic transcription, then each rich media file that is uploaded into ArkCase will be automatically sent to the Amazon Transcribe service. The Admin can also control the word count and confidence threshold for each section of transcription text. ArkCase will flag any sections of transcription text that do not meet the configured confidence threshold.

ArkCase transcription can support many different use cases, no matter your specific business.  If you want to gain efficiencies and get more value from your audio and video content, let’s talk.


In recent years, multimedia content is more used than ever. This means that the world data trapped in multimedia formats becomes larger and more difficult to use. To help you solve this problem and use multimedia content to your advantage we made this integration of ArkCase, Alfresco, and AWS.

ArkCase, Alfresco, and AWS created a platform that can help enterprises derive value from the ever-increasing multimedia content. Thanks to this integration, enterprises of all sizes can now use Armedia Legal Module and Amazon Transcribe as part of it.

Armedia Legal Module turns any audio or video file into a text format which can later be used as any other textual document. No more external transcription services. No more waiting. No more time wasted.

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