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secure document scanning with Armedia

Trust Armedia with your physical documents.  Over the last decade Armedia has safely, securely and successfully scanned over 10 million documents at 99.99% accuracy.  Armedia offers a clean, safe and security cleared facility to safely care and maintain your documents during their digital conversion process.

Our goal at Armedia is to make it easy for our clients to safely, securely and successfully have their documents scanned. Either at their office or ours.  Clients do not need to worry about having the resources in house to do it them self.

Armedia is proud of their scanning work. 

Armedia was recently recognized by a leading scanning manufacturer’s Regional Account Manager who toured the Armedia scanning operations. He told us:

‘We were really impressed with the set up that you put together. The different stations between doc prep, scanning and QC are crucial to any successful scanning business and you guys definitely have the proper plan in place. We see a lot of production scanning environments and this was one of the cleanest, most planned out operations that we have ever-seen.’

Armedia Removes Worries About the Most Valuable Part of Your ECM – Your Content

securely scanning data

We understand the importance of your documents as well as the need for document privacy.  Our digitization team members pass extensive background and drug screenings.  Sign non-disclosure documents. Qualify for Public Trust or higher clearances.

The digitization teams’ efforts have helped to save time and money by creating electronic files and placing them in the different client Electronic Content Management systems where they can quickly search and access documents.  Check out www.ArkCase.comfor an example.

ECM systems make client files easy to access and searchable by their team members within approved permission levels, reducing the time they spend managing documents and looking for items or getting them across the globe in a timely or urgent manner.

Attorneys mention how they love the convenience of all the case files notes being in one space. With notes and documents being of varied sizes it used to be easy to lose or miss a page.  Now they have them contained inside one document. They are also able to search by words, extract specific pages and quickly email to a judge or colleague when necessary.

‘It is so convenient to answer a judge’s request by quickly searching the system for the files by specific terms, finding the documents and quickly making a copy of the pertinent documents and emailing them right back to the waiting judge. Compared to not too long ago we had to go to the file storage room, make a request for files, wait for the box to arrive or be delivered.  Then take the box of files to carefully and slowly finger through the pages or even turn it upside down on a conference table to sort through and search for the specific items. Judicial decisions are made much faster by the quick access to these electronic files’, commented an attorney in the VA. 

Armedia has several levels of effort to help care for documents. We will do what it takes to help you achieve your goals while protecting your documents.  Armedia will inventory, box, label and transport documents to our secure offices or set up at your office.  We will then prep the documents for scanning, digitize the documents, preform quality control, and return the physical documents.  Depending on your goals we can add the digitized files to your platform for easy access with search-ability functionality and availability in an existing or new system.

Click here to see our Document Digitization Workflow.

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will get it done on time and within budget.

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Safely, Securely, Successfully Scanning Documents

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