Why The Armedia Legal Module for ArkCase Fits Well In Large Organizations Like The Office of General Counsel

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why Armedia Legal Module for Office of General Counsel

In the world of Legal Case Management Systems, we don’t raise the issue of the environment too often. But it’s worth discussing, so we can all understand and appreciate the importance of having an environment-helping modern legal case management system. Here’s what we mean.

Did you know that, on average, every person in the US uses over 500lbs of paper each year? This means that an office of 4 legal workers will easily waste over one ton of paper every year.

Take a look at the impact on the environment to produce that one ton of paper:

  • 7,000 gallons (or almost 26,500 liters) of water
  • 4,000 kilowatt-hours of energy, enough energy to power the average American home for six months.
  • One metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 17 trees cut down and used as raw materials

So how important is it for a large organization like The Office of General Counsel to have a modern, paper-free case management system? Saying “pretty significant” would be a pretty significant understatement.

Add to this the time wasted by legal workers and the frustrations and pain that clients go through, and we get the picture of how important it is for large organizations to modernize its legal case management systems.

This is one of the reasons why the Armedia Legal Module for ArkCase holds major value.

As part of technology, Legal Case Management Systems have brought effectiveness and efficiency to hundreds of legal departments and organizations. Still, many organizations hesitate to use Modern Legal Case Management systems, because they are not familiar with the benefits of modernizing.

Yet the scary part is, they don’t understand the environmental impact of their old legal case management practices.

Below we’ll discuss a few benefits that large legal organizations like the Office of General Counsel could have by using a modern solution like the Armedia Legal Module for ArkCase.

What Is The Office Of General Counsel?

illustration that explain what is Office of General Counsel (OGC)

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) organizes legislative efforts and regulations and offers legal guidance. OGC addresses many legal issues, from the fiscal law and financial assistance to rulemaking, enforcement, and litigation.

The Office of General Counsel is focused on providing quality legal support and services while making sure it addresses any threatening issues to the organization’s mission and policy. Because it’s a very large organization, it also works toward finding creative, innovative and effective ways to close legal cases quickly.

You can take a closer look at a recent OGC article we published from a Case Management perspective.

Why Department Heads Like Armedia Legal

department heads like Armedia Legal

The Armedia Legal Module allows large organizations (such as the Office of General Counsel) to meet their unique and specific needs. This is made possible thanks to the automation of tasks which allows for easier workflows and forms management. Thanks to this flexibility and automation, legal workers can focus on the actual legal work around each case.

So, as a legal worker in a large organization, you may wonder how the Armedia Legal module could make your life easier.

For the sake of consistency, let’s continue with the example of the Office of General Counsel.

OGC performs complex operations such as compliance reporting management, public policy advocacy, and crisis management, etc. We could say that the organization is dealing with different fields of work, but their work still revolves around cases.

From the legal worker’s perspective, a good legal case management software will have three key components: Workflows, Forms, and Reports.

Intuitive Workflows Management

Standardized workflows are essential for tracking important tasks by the legal worker who is entrusted with a specific case. Having this workflow also allows managers to be able to review individual cases and track progress whenever needed.

Any modern case management system should enable even non-technical staff to build, edit and review standard workflows. The Armedia Legal module has many of these workflows pre-configured.

Easy Forms Editor

Forms are essential in legal case management because they enable capturing of all information needed for each case. Cases can easily have dozens of different forms, and sometimes, legislation changes will require that these forms get updates.

These forms should be easily adaptable to suit the specific practices of an organization, and without hiring a software developer every time a change is needed. The Armedia Legal module enables non-technical staff to quickly and intuitively edit any forms and to assign who can do what on each form. This is done with the visual form builder where a team lead can create just about any form layout needed with simple drag and drop work.

Flexible Reports Builder

Reports may vary, from checklist summary to statute of limitations, provider history, management, etc.

Each department and even each manager will want a set of standardized reports, and perhaps a set of personalized reports.

A modern case management system should make this possible, without the organization needs to hire a software developer. The Armedia Legal module has a built-in functionality to create custom reports with simple drag and drop technology, so users with even basic computer skills can build their own reports.

Customizing workflows, forms, and reports with Armedia’s Modern Legal module allows legal workers to process any case in a timely manner. You can adapt the system to meet the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Department Benefits of Armedia Legal

department benefits of Armedia legal

ArkCase Modern Legal Case Management System supports and simplifies the processes of Legal Case Management. People who work for the company will always be familiar with their tasks and roles in the process. Thanks to clearly defined stages of the workflow, legal workers can rely on automation and make sure that each case gets timely attention.

Let’s go through some of the key benefits for department heads:

  • Department managers can keep track of the status of each case from an intuitive dashboard.
  • Another great benefit is that legal workers can easily and quickly access information about people and places. The Armedia Legal module allows legal workers to filter names thanks to how ArkCase treats names in general.
  • A third significant value is the ease of searching through documents for any specific keyword. The search feature enables quick searches for records, transcripts, and meta-data.
  • Many large organizations like the Office Of General Counsel have difficulties managing deadlines for legal cases. The Armedia Legal Module simplifies deadline management since dates are automatically marked by the system. Legal workers can sync their calendars as ArkCase allows seamless integration with Office 365.
  • ArkCase also keeps track of the billable time for a certain case, because it calculates how much time is spent on all tasks and appointments and how many people are involved in the case.
  • Thanks to excellent document management, legal workers can all work on the same document while ArkCase tracks who did what and marks each edit with a timestamp.
  • The Armedia Legal module has an automated flow of communication. This makes the collaboration of the entire team very easy.

There are many other benefits for large organizations that the Armedia Legal module provides.

The ease of use, the ability to easily add new legal workers and remove the accounts of those who left the department, the ability to securely store data, etc, all make Armedia Legal a reliable case management platform.

There are other benefits too. As the module sends case status updates to the users of the legal services, departments can significantly improve the flow of communication to their clients. This improves the client’s trust and satisfaction as they can track their case progress.

To Summarize

Armedia, together with ArkCase has created this powerful and flexible module to meet the requirements of any large Legal organization.

Large organizations like the Office of General Counsel could greatly benefit by using this modern tool to handle any legal case and to serve their clients much faster.

Thanks to the ease of building custom workflows, forms, and reports, large organizations can easily meet deadlines and store case data securely.

Automation increases productivity by improving communication and collaboration between all departments and other organizations.

All these features work together for more closed cases, and for more satisfied end-users.

And if we add to this the environmental factor of quite literally saving hundreds of tons of office paper each year, this module is helping organizations become more environment-friendly.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions about how our module can fit your Legal Case Management needs.

We will gladly help you.


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