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The US Federal Government is the world’s largest consumer of goods.  In 2022, the feds spent $6.3T, representing 30% of all the goods and services produced in the United States. The Department of Defense (DOD) absorbs 12% of the federal budget and has 2.9M civilian and military personnel, which makes it the world’s largest employer. Only China’s military (2.1M people) and (1.6M people) hire similar numbers.  

Increasing Demand for Managed Services

As you would imagine, each government agency processes a significant amount of paper documents, forms, and multi-terabytes of digital data that must conform to critical standards concerning security, privacy, and government regulations. These agencies, therefore, must develop robust and scalable systems to manage their staff, budgets, and mountains of information. These days, however, many agencies enlist the assistance of experienced experts like Armedia to provide efficiently hosted and managed services. 

Managed services is an umbrella term for how organizations design and deploy all their IT, cybersecurity, intranet, and public-facing applications that run their enterprises. Since each agency processes large volumes of records and documents, they need enterprise information management (EIM) applications to form the backbone of their IT services to bridge the gap between employee skills, staffing levels, and operational needs.

In this era of tight budgets, taxpayers want value and return on investment. But technologies, IT systems, and cybersecurity requirements are advancing so rapidly that budgets or staff skills fail to keep up, requiring the need to rely on vendors. 

Armedia’s Hosted Managed Services Solve the Problem

Agencies call on Armedia to deploy its robust suite of advanced EIM solutions that support effective and efficient information management services. Leading the way is ArkCase, a case management accelerator that provides federal agencies with FedRAMP-compliant, 360-degree solutions for EIM systems, such as legal case management and complaints management.

Armedia’s managed services help organizations manage structured and unstructured data, enabling an organization to share, secure, and simplify access to information. ArkCase is a highly scalable and secure solution that tightly integrates with auxiliary applications like Hyland-Alfresco, Salesforce, Kofax Ephesoft, Microsoft SharePoint, Nuxeo, and OpenText to solve almost any managed services requirement. Through the use of REST APIs, ArkCase integrates with external systems, creating an effective environment to manage an agency’s critical information.

Government agencies can’t flip a switch when they decide to use more advanced technology. Instead, the migration to a new hosted system requires a well-planned and coordinated dance among complex IT systems, web-based applications that can travel on Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), and security features that are FedRAMP-compliant. Armedia has over 20 years of experience efficiently migrating a legacy system to a SaaS-based solution, deploying the hosted managed services (SaaS), and supporting the organization in its change management requirements, including training.

For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) relied on Armedia to help it migrate its FOIA solution from the FOIAonline system to an advanced hosted system that met all of its database scaling and records management requirements. Since this agency processes 20,000 FOIA requests annually, the EEOC selected ArkCase as the go-to solution for its current and future needs. 

Armedia’s comprehensive migration and managed services solve a host of technical and operational obstacles for government agencies by:

  • Lowering hiring costs by limiting the need to retain expensive certified engineers 
  • Eliminating the need to plan for seasonal demand surges 
  • Improving disaster recovery operations
  • Ensuring government-mandated compliance (FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITECH, etc.)
  • Promoting efficient single-tenant cloud instance and license retention 
  • Enhancing system modernization that permits proficient and secure migration that accommodates all current and future enterprise functional requirements

The Value of Armedia’s Managed Services

Armedia is a  minority and veteran-owned small business (MBE/VOSB) that earned a sterling reputation for providing government agencies with highly scalable, FedRAMP-secure, and cloud-based enterprise information management solutions such as records/document management and case management that support current and future agency needs.

Armedia is also qualified to run FIPS Validated Entropy Source, Nginx, Apache, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, and BoringSSL tools. These high-end IT and cyber-related applications add multiple layers of security and flexibility for most managed services programs. 

The company is CMMI appraised in Development at Level 3, and ISO 9001:2015 and 27001-certified. With its GSA MAS, STARS III and NASPO awards, Armedia is well-positioned to support government and private industry with its FedRAMP-compliant solutions. Armedia’s comprehensive background lends significant expertise to any complex, mission-critical database and operational migration programs whose value-adds include:

Peace of Mind

Clients have the confidence and peace of mind needed to initiate such massive programs because Armedia’s scalable and platform-agnostic solutions reduce upgrade and testing risks by enhancing system backup resilience. Armedia provides a shared offering that ensures efficient updates, manages time-sensitive security patches that meet all service-level agreements (SLAs) and eliminates data spillage caused by outdated, unsupported app versions. The Armedia Content Cloud (ACC) provides feature-rich, out-of-the-box, hosted solutions for a variety of document processing problems without the need to purchase and maintain and upgrade expensive applications behind the firewall. 

FedRAMP certification incorporates over 325 security controls that government-approved third-party inspectors audit. Armedia creates extensive audit reports/logs, manages complex dashboards, and submits monthly reports to the General Services Administration (GSA) to maintain this certification. This comprehensive list of security controls and robust reporting protocols allows Armedia to support clients needing Low, Medium, and High FedRAMP certifications to upgrade their own projects and bid on mission-critical government projects.

Increased Uptime

By deploying Armedia’s advanced managed services, government agencies can focus on their core missions without carrying the heavy operations load of hiring and retaining a full-time staff of EIM experts. The advanced suite of cloud-based applications, including OpenText, Hyland Alfresco, Kofax-Ephesoft, and ArkCase, are installed and maintained by Armedia’s certified professionals, who are trained and accountable for meeting project objectives defined by the agency. This includes providing the agency with timely reviews on program versions and updates.

Enhanced Citizen/Client Experience

Since Armedia constantly updates its managed services offerings and document processing speeds to enhance direct customer service. As a result, customers and the general public have a better user experience when they engage the agency’s self-service ePortal or website.

Major Cost Savings 

Using a scalable, web-based, and secure suite of EIM solutions reduces staffing costs significantly since Armedia provides the requisite staff and expertise to manage the entire operation. In addition, program review and document processing overhead costs are reduced.

Agencies That Deploy Armedia’s Managed Solutions

A company’s reputation is best discerned by the quality of its client base. The list below represents some of America’s most important state and federal agencies that now depend on Armedia’s suite of managed services for secure document and records processing.  

  • New York State Department of Transportation
  • New York City Sanitation Department
  • Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Department of Justice
  • District of Columbia

How to Start Working with Armedia

Armedia’s team of experts stands ready to help your organization solve its pressing documents, records, and data migration needs. Let us review your requirements, assess your “pain points,” conduct a comprehensive needs analysis, and design a total solution that incorporates the right application for the problem at the right cost. 


Need a bit more info on how Armedia can help you?

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