Articles by: bhunton

A Case for Dinosaurs

In the 1993 hit movie “Jurassic Park” the young heroine, Lex, is inside the park’s main control room. The computer console is in front of her. The resurrected Velociraptors are pressing hard on doors and windows trying to break through for a tasty human snack. The...

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To D6 or “Deep 6”

Most of us in IT can think of many things we would rather do than upgrade systems and software; for example, maybe take a nice trip to the dentist, or perhaps volunteer as the test subject in an IRS agent, audit training class. If you finally have your Documentum 5.3...

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The Future Is So Like Old

“I was making my plans when life happened.”  (John Lennin)  I should have Googled that quote. What just happened? I presented a “quote.” I discredited the quote and myself by admitting that I did not do even minimal research on a commonly used Web source. I misspelled...

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