‘Tis the season for the big sales kickoffs, goal communication, quota setting and the inevitable fudding and jockeying that goes with that. We at Armedia are, of course, not much different and have been dutifully working our list for a while. All roads therefore lead to “Are we done yet?!” Well, some things may never be completely done. And, sometimes, you just don’t know if you’re done or how done is done. That’s kind of like dreaming about having a dream about having a dream…will it ever end! As intriguing as such enigma could be chances are you don’t want to deal with it when it comes to software development. In fact, unless you plan on becoming further fodder for Dilbert, that’s about the last thing you want to do.

Dilbert Software Development


My name is NIEM!

Those of you with affinity to old British pop culture or the unforgettable Madness of 80s fame (ahem: “my house in the middle of my street…”) will probably remember the infamous “my name is Michael Caine” circular. Long before Rick Astley Rickrolling, poor old Michael was flavor-du-jour of everyman comedians looking for a quick, omnipresent quip. Well, forget all of that. These days, my name is NIEM!

NIEM which stands for the, inevitably, not so sexy sounding National Information Exchange Model is a formal information exchange schema developed by the US government (specifically DOJ and DHS) to further information sharing across Federal, and in time, State and Local government agencies and their business constituents. NIEM builds on from the much more bulky Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) model; an off-shoot of post 9/11 information sharing initiatives. The idea of NIEM (currently in version 2.1) is to provide a consistent, non-redundant, open standards based XML schema that has some well defined entities and activities for improved inter-agency communication and information sharing.


Living in the clouds…

It wasn’t too long ago when “living in the clouds” sparked visions of rolling hills, untethered joy, Julie Andrews and other dreamy and whimsical sights and sounds in my mind. Maybe there is still a time and a place for that—as Bill Cosby used to say, those of you with children, you’ll understand! But in the world of business, and ECM, there is no longer a place for it…


iPhone 3.0 and Content Management

So, the much anticipated announcement about iPhone 3.0 is out shortly–in about 1 hour to be precise. Lots of exciting new functionality rumored–cut & paste (finally!), MMS (why hasn’t it been here already?), better bluetooth functionality, etc. What I’m most interested about though is push notifications: the ability for apps to receive notifications from servers, without needing to open them first. For example, to receive offline instant messages. (more…)