Part IV – Opening a File in a Documentum Repository through the Adobe FrameMaker Integration

 Now that the Adobe FrameMaker application has been successfully connected to the Documentum Content Server Repository, it is time to open a project file.  Opening a project file can be accomplished through several methods.  The methods include browsing the repository through the tree view pane, clicking the “File” then “Open” menu items, or clicking the “Open…” link on the Adobe FrameMaker welcome screen.  The latter two methods produce the same results.

Opening a File through FrameMaker Documentum Integration


Part III – Connecting to a Documentum Repository

 Once you have successfully completed the steps from Part II and the application has restarted following the steps takes to create a connection to the Documentum repository from my previous blog, you will need to establish the connection to the Documentum Content Server Repository that was configured. To do this part of the process, we will turn to the connection manager.

Click on the “CMS” file menu then select “Connection Manager”.

Select the Connection Manager


Part II – Create a Connection to a Documentum Repository

Once you have completed the steps taken in Part I of this series, you need to create the connection. In order to utilize the integration between the Adobe FrameMaker application and the Documentum Content Server Repository, connection information must be added and configured.  The following information will guide you through adding the appropriate information in order to successfully connect through the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) Software Development Kit (SDK) interface.


Here are the steps:


Connecting to a Documentum Repository through Adobe FrameMaker v.10 – Part I

With the release of Adobe FrameMaker version 10, comes the ability to connect directly to a Content Management System (CMS). This enables users to perform search, read, write, delete, update, check-in and check-out operations on configured repositories. One of the CMS solutions that FrameMaker can be connected to is the Documentum Content Server Repository.  This connection is completed through the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) and the Documentum Foundation Services Software Development Kit (DFS SDK).  In this blog series, I will walk through exactly how to configure and use this connection to directly access Adobe FrameMaker project files from within the Documentum Content Server Repository.

Part I: Testing the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) availability

Before starting the process of connecting the Adobe FrameMaker application to the Documentum Content Server Repository, a few initial steps need to be taken. The following information will need to be gathered from the Documentum System Administrator in order to successfully connect. They are:


SharePoint 2010 – Documentum Integration

There are a number of blogs out there that talk about the EMC products that integrate SharePoint 2010 with Documentum along with the pros and cons of each product. However, I found the task of locating authoritative references to be infinitely more challenging. Because finding official documentation was so difficult, I thought it was worth a blog in hopes my work would save others that effort!

EMC currently offers two products and one services option for SharePoint 2010 and Documentum integration. The products are “EMC My Documentum for Microsoft SharePoint” (MyDSP) and “EMC Documentum Repository Services for Microsoft SharePoint” (EDRSMS). The SharePoint Documentum Framework (SDF) is available as part of an EMC Professional Services engagement.

There is an interoperability overview presentation from Q1 2010 covering the two products that you can view or download: