Articles by: kmcfadden

SQL Server Management Studio Freeze

In this blog I document an issue with SQL Server Management Studio freezing and what I did to resolve the issue. So while trouble-shooting a SharePoint issue (that's another blog) I found that the SQL Server Management Studio froze as soon as it loaded and I could...

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Printing From a SharePoint Visual Web Part

I recently built a SharePoint (SP) Visual Web Part (VWP) with two calendar controls and a literal control. The calendar controls are used to filter the content of a specific list and the results are displayed in the literal control. The literal control only has the...

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Is Your EMR Holding You Hostage?

Let’s take a look at “Nirvana Health System,” a hypothetical 1000 bed system in the City of Nirvana. The system has 7000 employees, 7 hospitals, more than 200 doctors on staff, with another 800 or so who independently perform services in the area. Historically they...

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