Benefits of Case Management: An Information Advantage

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The benefits of case management solutions are similar to other types of information management solutions: they help companies and organizations optimize and effectively use information and content in order to gain a competitive advantage. In this vast growing industry, the benefits of case management have helped this type of solutions emerge as a leader in helping companies utilize technology solutions to gain the most out of their content.

As mentioned in our article “What is Case Management” a case file consists of a collection of customer communications, forms, process documents, reports and supporting documentation along with other various documents and records. The information contained within these documents is extremely valuable, however if it exists only on paper or in a locked electronic format like PDF or Word, it can be extremely difficult to maximize the full benefits of that information.

So, obviously, the main overlying idea regarding the benefits of case management solutions is that they allow users to be able to compile these documents and records in a intuitive format, allowing for the information contained within a cases contents to be taken to their full advantage. In other words, the benefits of case management are that these solutions create “an information advantage.”

A key feature associated with a majority of the benefits of case management solutions is that they provide customer-centric content management systems that allow for a complete view of a single customer or instance. This is done by extracting information in a single document and automatically empowering the right people with the right information.


Benefits of case management solutions:

Improved Process Manageability: Several aspects of a well-designed Case Management system allow for significant improvement on internal processes. Customizable dashboards provide real-time insight into the current state of active processes at any level.


The screenshot below from our own software for case management depicts these benefits of case management. The customized interface allows for items and tasks to be highlighted which need immediate action, keeping case moving through your business process at an optimum rate.

Benefits of Case Management Example 1

Aside from improved access to personal workflow components, other benefits of case management include visibility of milestones, as well as metrics that report how other personnel are executing on their responsibilities (see screenshot below for an example from ArkCase as to how this can be achieved).  These reports can help to identify bottlenecks and drive improvements. By having this information, companies can identify key areas such as simple task reassignments that can allow for improved workflow and processes.


Benefits of Case Management Example 2


Allows for Meaningful, Organized Information:  By having all of the information available within a single case file, information is readily available without the need for searching in a repository or locating a paper document. Case management solutions can access and archive any type of document that has been programmed into the system, allowing for interviews, forms, collections of customer communication, reports and supporting documentation, images, and notes by staff members to all be managed in a way that allows for the information contained within each document to be extracted and used effectively.


The screenshot below exemplifies benefits of case management in its ability for all of the information to be collected into a single user interface.

Benefits of Case Management 3


End Result = Better Decision Making: These improved processes and gained insight into workflow automation allow for greater efficiency to be easily achieved allowing for better decision making at both the individual and group level.


In conclusion, the benefits of case management allow for its users to have an “information advantage.” In other words, all of the information and associated documents they need to be able to handle a business problem or “case” are linked together within a single user interface.


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    looking for a Workers’ Compensation case management program and OSHA reporting capabilities

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    I like that you mention how a document solution company can improve workflow in a company. If my dad were the owner of a business I’m sure he’d find great value in a DMS. I’ll be sure to talk to him about it in case he is ever in need.


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