IBM FileNet


Slides from the CONNtext Webinar

Last week, Armedia held a webinar demonstrating the key features of CONNtext, our solution which allows for Maximo integration with FileNet. The CONNtext solution enables real-time bi-directional synchronization between IBM's Maximo Asset Management suite and IBM ECM...

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Information In CONNtext

I’m sure that some of you read the title of this blog and feared that someone missed spell check when titling it CONNtext; however the unusual spelling is quite intentional. CONNtext, a play on the words connector and context, is an Armedia developed solution that...

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Speaking IBM FileNet

In my years of working in the content management space I've experienced the challenges of switching horses, sorry I mean platform vendors more than once. Terminology aside, it's hard to quickly understand let alone master a new platform simply because how each...

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