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ArkCase: Introduction to Data Access Control

Background ArkCase is a framework for developing case management applications. Data Access Control ensures each user sees only records they are authorized to see, and are prevented from seeing unauthorized records.  Data access control is applied to individual...

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Adding Full Text Search to Ark via Spring and JPA

What, No Full Text Search Already? My project ArkCase is a Spring application that integrates with Alfresco (and other ECM platforms) via CMIS - the Content Management Interoperability Standard.  ArkCase stores metadata in a database, and content files in the ECM...

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Federated Search in Healthcare

As we discussed in our previous blog, Federated Search can provide extreme benefits to organizations that have numerous databases and need to search for information across them. In today's world of ever changing Healthcare technology, federated search can provide an...

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Query Results Truncated in Documentum

Recently, some colleagues and I were discussing whether the Content Server truncated result sets for large queries. They insisted that it did and that the largest result set Documentum would return was 1000 rows or 350 rows from any single source (the default values...

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Finding an Object’s Content File in Documentum

You probably know that Documentum (in its default state) stores content on the file system and retains a pointer to the content in its database. Likely, you have navigated the file store on the Content Server and discovered directories like...

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