Healthcare IT


Federated Search in Healthcare

As we discussed in our previous blog, Federated Search can provide extreme benefits to organizations that have numerous databases and need to search for information across them. In today's world of ever changing Healthcare technology, federated search can provide an...

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Is Your EMR Holding You Hostage?

Let’s take a look at “Nirvana Health System,” a hypothetical 1000 bed system in the City of Nirvana. The system has 7000 employees, 7 hospitals, more than 200 doctors on staff, with another 800 or so who independently perform services in the area. Historically they...

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Electronic Health Records – Possible or Not?

There have been a large number of articles published regarding electronic health records.  I wanted to share my thoughts given that Health IT an area that I believe has a tremendous amount of potential.  This topic is nothing new, it has been discussed, tried,...

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