Information Sharing


Federated Search in Healthcare

As we discussed in our previous blog, Federated Search can provide extreme benefits to organizations that have numerous databases and need to search for information across them. In today's world of ever changing Healthcare technology, federated search can provide an...

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The Unseen Side of IT Projects

In the IT project world, conversations are technically based.  In the business world, focus is on applications and business needs. This can (and often does) lead to the true personal value of these systems being overlooked. Armedia had been awarded a contract with...

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Data, The Neglected Part of Content Management

I call it "the question". You're in a crowded conference room and someone asks, (and it's usually with the senior manager present), "could you give me a definition of content management?" Everyone looks at you, the learned professional for some wise insightful...

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NIEM as it relates to Case Management

As it relates to Case Management, NIEM is very important.  The need for sharing information is vital for the war on terrorism as well as combating domestic crimes (i.e. drugs, sexual perpetrators and etc.).  Law Enforcement agencies have to be able to share case...

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