Performance Monitoring


A Developer’s Journey: JIRA & Confluence

When we first arrived at Armedia a few months ago, we did a quick inventory of the internal tools we use for development. We were excited to find JIRA; yes, the open source, issue-tracking system from Atlassian. We had previous experience with JIRA from previous...

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Personal Log, Stardate 65326.8

For most of my professional life, I have kept a daily log of my activities. I use black and white marbled composition notebooks that you can buy at the office supply store for $2. They are nothing fancy, but they contain the record of problems I have solved, thoughts...

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Reveille RealTime for Documentum?

You may have heard of the Reveille Management Console for Documentum D5/D6 and Reveille for Captiva InputAccel – the only solutions that can proactively and automatically monitor, diagnose and repair your DCTM/Captiva installation, but what is Reveille RealTime (RRT),...

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