The CRASH Report

Cast software, the maker of software quality tools, released their second annual CRASH (Cast Report on Application Software Health) report in December. The report examined the "health" of world-wide software applications by examining the source code of 745...

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The Fast/Good/Cheap Rule of Software Development

Triangles have been a staple of mathematics, architecture and engineering for centuries. They have also become important in software development by way of a project management concept. You may have heard of the "Fast/Good/Cheap" rule. This rule uses a triangle to...

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SharePoint 2010 – REST Atom Service and JAVA, part 2

This is the second of two blogs where I demonstrate how to use the openCMIS library from a JAVA client to connect to a CMIS enabled SharePoint site through the REST Atom service of SharePoint. My previous blog “SharePoint 2010 – REST Atom Service.” provided...

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‘Tis the season for the big sales kickoffs, goal communication, quota setting and the inevitable fudding and jockeying that goes with that. We at Armedia are, of course, not much different and have been dutifully working our list for a while. All roads therefore lead...

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