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Art and Computer Science

I picked up a book in Armedia's technical library by accident the other day, but have come to really appreciate the rewards of that serendipitous event. I first grabbed the book because of its author, Don Knuth, is a well-known innovator in the computer science world....

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The Unseen Side of IT Projects

In the IT project world, conversations are technically based.  In the business world, focus is on applications and business needs. This can (and often does) lead to the true personal value of these systems being overlooked. Armedia had been awarded a contract with...

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Why you should do a cognitive walkthrough.

Hey everybody, check out my latest blog post at Here is a preview (and video below): Cognitive walkthrough’s are my favorite form of usability testing—and I do it so much, it’s almost exclusively the only type of usability testing that yields...

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Top Three Tips on User Training

“Go forth and use this new product!”.  I feel as if this happens more often than not, an existing product is re-developed, with not much in mind to the user, who has to use this new product.  I was on a project recently, where this did not happen, and I’d like to...

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UX Corner: Instant Usability Testing

I've been experimenting with a really clever usability testing technique that uses human intelligence to collect quantitative data about a user's experience. The way a development project traditionally gathers this data is through conducting a study—gathering...

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