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As system integrators and specialists in enterprise content management (ECM), Armedia is often called upon to migrate customers from one ECM system to another, or to upgrade their current system to a new platform — or some combination of these things.  Inevitably, we are asked (and correctly so) to prove that all of the content has been accounted for in a migration or upgrade.  Depending upon the situation, system, and platform, this is sometimes not a trivial task.

Armedia has developed a CMIS-compliant ECM interrogator tool that will report repository information, object model, object details, content counts, and mime-type counts, and MD5 hashes of content for any Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)-compliant ECM system.  This tool generates an easy to read report in Microsoft Excel format highlighting and summarizing these key areas of the ECM system.  With this tool and report, we can account for all of the content in a ECM repository; review metadata mapping on a per-object basis; and document content models.  By running this tool on both the source and target ECM repositories, Armedia can quickly, easily and accurately validate a migration.

In addition to validating migrations, this tool and report are also excellent ways to document and baseline a newly delivered ECM system, or to just periodically assess and check on an existing system.

The tool is written in Java and utilizes CMIS web services and data model exclusively.  It uses POI to produce Microsoft Excel reports.  The tool is packaged as single, executable JAR file, a properties file, and a batch file / shell script to launch it.  It has been tested on:

  • Windows/Alfresco 4.1.2,
  • Linux/Alfresco 4.1.2,
  • Windows/Documentum 6.7, and
  • Windows/Documentum 7.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the tool or sample output, please contact Armedia via this website.  We can also arrange to have the tool run on your repository if you wish.


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