Connecting to a Documentum Repository through Adobe FrameMaker v.10 – Part I

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With the release of Adobe FrameMaker version 10, comes the ability to connect directly to a Content Management System (CMS). This enables users to perform search, read, write, delete, update, check-in and check-out operations on configured repositories. One of the CMS solutions that FrameMaker can be connected to is the Documentum Content Server Repository.  This connection is completed through the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) and the Documentum Foundation Services Software Development Kit (DFS SDK).  In this blog series, I will walk through exactly how to configure and use this connection to directly access Adobe FrameMaker project files from within the Documentum Content Server Repository.

Part I: Testing the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) availability

Before starting the process of connecting the Adobe FrameMaker application to the Documentum Content Server Repository, a few initial steps need to be taken. The following information will need to be gathered from the Documentum System Administrator in order to successfully connect. They are:

  1. The name of the application server where the Documentum DFS application is currently running
  2. The port number for the application server
  3. The repository user ID that will be used for the connection
  4. The password for the user ID
  5. The name for the connection
  6. The name of the repository

At this time, a simple test should be run to make sure that DFS is running properly on the network and a connection can successfully be made to the Documentum Content Server Repository.  From a browser on the PC where the Adobe FrameMaker application is installed enter the following URL


Once you have done this, replace the text “dfs_server:port” with the information collected above from the Documentum System Administrator.


Extract the sdk

Download and extract the Documentum DFS SDK

Once you have ensured that the DFS has been made available, copy the Documentum Document Foundation Services (DFS) SDK ( to your computer. Once this has been accomplished, create a “Work” directory on your computer.  Then, extract the zipped files; the 7-Zip product was used for the extraction using the right mouse button to select extract to “emc-dfs-sdk-6.5\” directory.  This created a directory called emc-dfs-sdk-6.5, with another directory inside named the same as the parent directory.

Documentum DFS SDK

Cut the nested “emc-dfs-sdk-6.5” directory and paste it into the “Work” directory that you created on your computer.  The directory will be configured later so that the Adobe FrameMaker application will utilize the DFS integration to communicate with the Documentum Content Server Repository.


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    We are working on FrameMaker 10 upgrade from FM 6. And will replace FrameLink with FM 10 CMS Connector. Not sure if Armedia would provide consulting services for us.


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