Creating an ECM Advisory Board – The Team

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When creating an ECM charter, one of the first things that should be accomplished is deciding who within your organization should be a member of this core team.

This step is extremely important, as these members will be responsible for the project scope within the organization. Because of its importance, special attention should be given to ensure that each of the responsible stakeholders are chosen wisely.

Both the business and technical departments should be represented as key stakeholders in the ECM enterprise solution.  As the ECM roll-out becomes broader, the core team members should have consensus on the baseline configurations and standards, as well as deviations from those standards, on which all departmental deployments are developed from.

Core ECM resources will assist in building deep internal ECM resource expertise that can be leveraged as the system matures. Suggested resources are as follows:


  • ECM Project Manager
  • ECM Functional Lead
  • ECM Business Analyst
  • ECM End-User Support
  • Executive Sponsor
  • ECM Consulting Representative (PM or Business Analyst)


  • ECM Architect
  • ECM System Administrator / Technical Support
  • ECM Developer(s)
  • ECM Consulting Representative (ECM Architect)

Each of these members plays a distinct role throughout the ECM project. For more details into each of these roles, download our whitepaper!!



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