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As you know from a previous post, it bothers me that out-of-the-box, D2 does NOTHING. In an effort to help validate D2 v4.5 installations and provide a test environment for my DQL Editor widget, I developed a simple “starter” application that I named “D-Top”.

D-Top provides simple, unrestricted navigation of a Docbase, shows default dm_sysobject properties, versions, audit trails, renditions, object locations, and workflow tasks.  It provides search capabilities, virtual document support, and bookmarks for checked out objects and subscribed objects. You can create and import documents, as well as check them in and out. Nothing has been “customized” for specific users, roles, object types, ACLs, or lifecycles.

I had several goals in mind while developing this application:

  • First, to provide a way for developers and users to quickly validate D2 installations. If this application works and allows you to perform basic repository functions, you can conclude that the installation is correct and is ready for you to develop your own applications.
  • To provide a “starter application” (more generic than the HR Sample configuration provided with D2 v4.2) upon which to build other applications.
  • Lastly, so that this application now does something useful out-of-the-box (more or less).


Default view


View showing relationships, history, and an attribute dump

If you are interested in the “D-Top” D2 starter project, you can download it here. Once downloaded, import it into D2-Config like you would import any other such configuration. See the EMC Documentum D2 v4.5 Administration Guide for instructions regarding importing such configurations.

If you are interested in what else Armedia can do with this application, leave us a comment.

This software is provided “as-is,” without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall Armedia be held liable for any damages arising from its use.


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