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Then first, let’s understand YOU. It’s really important you understand who you are as a worker and the environment you work best in. Finding the right fit for you is the best thing you can do for the company you commit to employment. When you fit in a company, just like a puzzle piece would fit in place, you will make the company complete and whole. You will want to come into work and get stuff done. You won’t worry about the things you can’t control. You will achieve your best because you know you are valuable and necessary to the success. You will feel whole.

Your Fit

Here are some questions to ponder as it’s important you understand what you like and how you thrive at work so you are not caught off guard when you come to Armedia.

  1. Do you need to work alone in a closed room or maybe share with a couple folks?
  2. Do you have to have complete silence?
  3. Can you work with headphones in a large shared space?
  4. Do you need to be talking as you work?
  5. Do you speak out loud as you think?
  6. Do you need to listen to music or talk shows as you work?
  7. Are you always hot and need a window open with a fan blowing on you even when it’s winter?
  8. Do you know the type of worker you are at work?
  9. Do you like to show up to work to grab your coffee, eat a snack and chit chat as you coast along the day?
  10. Do you show up on time and find things to keep you busy without really getting much of your tasks complete or just enough to meet your deadlines?
  11. Do you like to work in the shadows where folks may not notice you are present?
  12. Do you like to come to the office by the required time and then work until you get the work done?
  13. Do you work hard to get your work done on time and look to see how you can help the team complete all the tasks?
  14. Do you take time to consider the project as a whole and think of ways to improve it?
  15. Do you voice your concerns if you see a situation that may not be efficient and comment on potential improvements or just let it slip by?
  16. Are you willing to stop what you are doing and move to another project if requested by leadership? Even if it’s not your ideal role?
  17. Are you flexible?
  18. Are you willing to wash dishes left in the sink by an inconsiderate co-worker if it’s your teams turn to tidy up the kitchen? WITHOUT COMPLAINING?

Knowing how you like to work is important. Being able to recognize where you fit is critical to your success, productivity, and happiness.

Now that you have thought about you, let’s look at you and Armedia as a fit.

Think about what your day will look like, think about the people you will be working alongside. Think about the Armedia environment.

To be part of Armedia’s award-winning team, you will need to work. This means hands-on work. It means being flexible to move from one project to another if asked. It means thinking, solving problems and finding answers.

It also has a major component, probably the most important component – communication. Will you communicate with team members? You will need to communicate with your coworkers and team members. Not just by email, but by picking up the phone and calling them or walking over and speaking to them. Thanking them for their help when given.

Are you willing to care about your work enough to correct it and ensure it’s right? Will you ever take personal time to look up new technologies or research information to help you in your progress?

These are a few of the really important questions that need to be answered when thinking about working at Armedia. We are a roll up your shirt sleeves group that just gets stuff done. We need other people, with great dispositions, who receive personal satisfaction from just getting things done.

Our technical teams are encouraged to collaborate in an open communication environment. They share a large space with a wall of windows and get the beauty of the afternoon sunlight. Other departments utilize shared spaces on the same 3rd floor with plenty of windows. Armedia has many available conference rooms, team rooms and private rooms to schedule time for the team and private discussion purposes.

A couple years ago we had a team member who was not honest with their self when they joined the Armedia team. They knew they were high maintenance and preferred a private office with a space heater on while running a cooling fan and a window open in the winter so they could breathe properly. They never checked if the Armedia environment would support their needs. Needless to say, the other co-workers in their space had a difficult time. In the end, the new team member left the company as they found that was the best fit for them. We have other folks that may need privacy to nurse or pray during the day and ask us up front if that is possible. We tell them it is and we have available space for them to use when needed.

Flexibility is important. Sometimes people are asked to be moved to other projects as their skills are needed. One of our senior developers told me last year about their new work. They mentioned they were not necessarily excited to do the work, but willing as it was out of their general scope. They shared how the end product will make a significant difference when produced and how that motivates them to work. This person’s flexibility helped a team to succeed.

If you are a chatty person who likes to coast through the day Armedia is not for you. Granted we have foosball, ping pong, a putting green, indoor basketball hoop, free snacks and adult beverages in the office but our folks work. We do offer Happy Hours, pot luck lunches, social events and a variety of ways to connect but the bulk of our days are spent working.

Know who you are and then consider Armedia as a place for you.

Armedia Interviews

team interview at Armedia

We have a rigorous interview process with assessments to be completed prior to the in-person interviews. If you make it to the in-person interview know – we know YOU have the basic skills that we need. We are now looking for ‘depth’ and ‘fit’ plus additional skills and talents you may have to add to the team. Be confident; we know you are talented and happy to meet you.

You will be interviewed by a team as we work in teams. You will meet who you will be working with daily. You will speak to us about what you have been doing in your career over the last couple years, where you want to be in the next 3-5 years. You will be asked questions by the team, we may discuss your assessment or ask you some whiteboard questions. We will allow time for you to interview us.

We believe this is the most important part of the whole interview. You learning about us, and how you fit in with us. Be prepared. Ask us questions.  You need to know if this is where you want to work and why you want to work with us. Know who Armedia is and what we do. Check out our website.  Read our Blog posts. Find out why our Blogs are ranked 46/50 in Most Important Must Read Blogs in the DC Metro Area. Learn about us so you know who you are interviewing and if you like what we do. Do we do what you want to do?

We are looking for consultants who live to solve problems, are natural leaders, and solid communicators. Not all our team members need to be client facing but most of them will interact with them. Utility players are great team members because they are flexible, take initiative, can work with minimal direction and are willing to do a variety of work if necessary.

Bottom Line: We look for leaders, problem solvers, folks with solid skills, continuous learners with a great attitude to get things done as it will continue Armedia’s award-winning momentum.

Now that you know more about Armedia, the question you need to answer is ‘do you meet Armedia’s requirements and do you want to work for Armedia?’


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