How a Modern FOIA Software Solution can Solve the Overworked Staff Problem

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Are you looking for ways to solve the overworked staff problem in your department? Sure, each and every agency wants to increase the effectiveness of their staff and the maturity of their department. However, only a few companies understand the core of the problem. That’s where our Armedia modern FOIA software solution comes in, to help you understand and solve the problem.

Perhaps you’re thinking,

“I don’t need a new solution. I don’t need software. I just need more, better staff.”

No, your agency does not need more, better staff. It needs increased efficiency in their productivity. We will now explain in detail how can you achieve that through a modern FOIA software solution.

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Armedia as a Modern FOIA Software Solution

Armedia’s modern FOIA software solution delivers better staff outcomes at a lower cost and with more significant productivity – by as much as 40 percent. It will save your agency staff members a lot of time, and you will have satisfied citizens. Here’s how.

Tracking Staff Productivity and Utilization

You do not need more staff. You just need to boost their productivity. And to boost your department productivity, you need to know how well each staff member is utilized. Efficient utilization is not just about working a lot of hours. It is about how many of those hours are productive (that is, creating value for your department).

Common to most organizations is planning an efficient use of working time, not the number of staff and working hours a day. There are a lot of factors that can affect your agency’s productivity and utilization. You will need to find out how your staff is currently spending their time. The Armedia’s modern FOIA software solution offers you a great starting point which allows you to easily track the working hours that your staff spends on project and activities.

Each member of your staff has different skill sets and experience which means that each employee has different levels of productivity. The Armedia’s software solution provides essential data in building a realistic image of how staff members work on displaying, storing, and managing FOIA requests.

Analyzing Staff Productivity

Determining the status of various activities your staff members execute will provide your agency with an additional level of analysis. Categorizing those activities as productive/nonproductive or chargeable/non-chargeable will also provide your department with a better understanding of work effectiveness.

Analyzing data across departments can highlight present issues in the structure of your agency. It can identify areas that might need improvement such as training requirements. Other factors that can contribute to departmental productivity are:

  • Performance of your managers
  • Effectiveness of your planning
  • Status of the FOIA requests

Improving Your Planning

Our modern FOIA software solution Armedia helps your agency enhance your planning in handling FOIA requests because everything is digitalized and easily searchable. Moreover, the process of managing requests and communicating with staff members and other departments becomes a lot easier, which in turn, improves the planning of time required to respond to public requests.

Armedia’s FOIA software solution has a variety of tools that allow you to quickly and easily schedule staff tasks, assignments, and milestones. These tools provide management help with information on the planned versus the actual productivity. You can discover the planned and the actual productivity ratio per staff member, per department, and per agency-wide.

Optimizing with Armedia through ArkCase

Armedia’s FOIA module rests on the core of Alfresco, Amazon Web Services, and ArkCase platforms and manages to successfully deliver an automated FOIA case management solution that is easily configurable, scalable, and compliant with its personalized dashboard and drag and drop functionality.  Armedia through the ArkCase case management systems delivers FOIA solutions that help government agencies increase their staff productivity and manage FOIA requests on time.

Building a Productive Work Environment

When we say this, we do not think on equipping with branded furniture and supplies. We mean in a productive environment where the staff members share ideas, tap into each others’ experience and knowledge, and minimize the impact of absent workers.

Working in cooperation can achieve more. So make sure that your staff works with each other. Armedia as a modern FOIA software solution makes for an ideal platform for collaboration. Your staff members can easily and promptly share ideas, experience, and knowledge.

Armedia’s FOIA software management solution through the ArkCase case management platform promotes departmental focus, where each staff member’s contribution will be linked to a common goal. Formal collaboration tools directly and dramatically benefit your agency by allowing for easy managing, tracking, reviewing, and handling of FOIA requests, and at the same time, answering to the public requests promptly. The result: improved staff productivity and satisfied citizens.

To Conclude

As you can see, more staff is not what you need – but a modern FOIA software solution as Armedia that provides proactive and clear FOIA communication which improves staff productivity. For any departmental progress, you first need to understand your agency’s current productivity. Then you can improve your staff productivity by comparing planned vs. actual results.

Utilizing a modern FOIA software solution for your agency’s overworked staff means having a more productive environment, better time organization, and happy citizens. Since many agencies depend on the adaptive FOIA management system, choosing the right modern FOIA software solution is critical for a productive environment and happy staff.

If you want to have a happy and more productive staff that will respond to FOIA requests in a more efficient and timely manner, then the Armedia FOIA module is your safe bet that has been fully optimized over the many years through our consulting engagements.

With the Armedia FOIA module that’s built on top of ArkCase, the leader in the case management field, your agency can enjoy the many benefits of our leading-edge technology and outstanding service. By utilizing Armedia’s modern FOIA software solution, you ensure a secure and effective way to solve the overworked staff problem.

If you have any questions and concerns, please contact us in the comments section below. Help your colleagues see that their agency needs a secure, proven, and a modern FOIA software solution for increased productivity rather than more staff by sharing this article on the social networks.


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