Future-Proofing Your Correspondence Management with a Modern Solution

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future-proof your correspondence management

We’ve been in the Digital Age for quite a while now, and many companies have adopted a fully-digital mode of operations. So nowadays, you may be wondering if there are still companies that need a correspondence management software in this age of digital omnichannel communications.

But regardless of what you may have heard, large organizations are still well within the must-print zone. This is especially true for heavily regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, law firms, and utilities. They still print and mail out around 70% of their client-facing communications, instead of delivering them digitally.

For larger companies, these mailings and print-outs can number in millions of mails per month. Therefore, they need accurate, fast personalization and automation. And, they must be able to promptly generate an accurate report of each piece of correspondence produced and mailed. Otherwise, they may be severely fined.

The bad news is that there are one too many organizations that are so print-dependant.

The good news is that these companies have so much to gain from moving to a completely digital correspondence management system.

Read on to find out how such a solution can improve your organization.

What is Digital Correspondence Management

correspondence management definition

In the simplest of terms, a digital correspondence management system is a system where the organization handles all data, and delivers all data to all recipients, digitally. Such a system will enable the company to easily pull any kind of a report about any segment of their work, in any user-selected time period. And all of this is stored securely in a database that meets all compliance requirements.

Let’s unpack this a bit.

As we move to a digital delivery and design model, we need to design responsive digital channels for faster communication. But going digital should not come with a steep learning curve for end-users. No matter if the client downloads the document, receives it in the mail, or prints it from a website for their records, every piece of correspondence should offer a unified brand experience.

We have to note that many regulatory bodies allow for electronic delivery of needed documents as long as they became available in an allowed electronic format that one can print, track, or audit at any time.

Armedia Correspondence Management Services

reliable correspondence management services

From assessment requirements and solution creation to migration from legacy systems, Armedia can support all your correspondence management needs. With deep expertise in various correspondence management tools like Alfresco and ArkCase, Armedia’s expert staff can ensure that the solution you adopt is the best fit for your correspondence management needs.

Armedia’s services can help you build a new solution, or enhance your current correspondence management system. Armedia can help you analyze your requirements and create a correspondence management solution that will help your organization to improve productivity.

Armedia can support your organization through:

  • Search design and implementation,
  • File plan and metadata pattern,
  • Custom user interface design,
  • Project management,
  • System architecture,
  • Business analysis,
  • Template design,
  • Tools analysis…

The best part of how Armedia does Correspondence Management Solutions is that we use open source technologies like (Alfresco and ArkCase) to build robust solutions.

Why Armedia

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in taking companies from paper-based to digital, automated correspondence management, Armedia is a veteran in the field. We have served various industries and government agencies alike.

Our teams have migrated agencies from paper-based operations to fully-digital operations where we moved terabytes of data from legacy digital systems, as well as millions of paper documents.

All these migrations from paper-based to digital, and from disjointed digital operations to unified, cloud-based correspondence management has helped organizations almost eliminate their reliance on printed correspondence. Organizations and end-users find it much easier to use the new correspondence system and save time and energy doing more, in less time.

To Wrap It Up

Even though there’s been over a decade (or two) of shifting from print to digital correspondence management, there are still organizations and situations when the print-and-mail approach is still the default mindset.

But as times and peoples’ expectations evolve, organizations simply don’t have a choice. They have to go all-digital. The good news is that these late adopters are spoiled for choice. The technology has matured, and teams now have decades of experience.

A modern Correspondence Management System will save you time and help you stay compliant by enabling you to:

  • Send time-sensitive regulatory notices automatically based on location or other criteria.
  • Break the communications into discrete parts so that you can update them easily.
  • Link enclosures, attachments, and documents so they always go out together.
  • Demand some or every single communication to go through quality assurance.
  • Operate an entire audit trail and archive of each sent communication.
  • Lock formatting like font and size, or restrict editing altogether.

If you want to future-proof your correspondence management with a modern solution, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you out.

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