Improving Public Defender Efficiency by Adopting ArkCase Legal Case Management Software

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Public defender offices across the country rely on software solutions to move from one case to the next, as fast as possible, as efficiently as possible. The challenge is that different offices rely on a different set of software solutions to capture, store, process and retrieve case-related data. And sometimes, things get stuck, or things go terribly wrong. The end result: loss of efficiency at best.

Armedia has been working with the legal department and we have years and years of first-hand experience of how these disjointed software solutions can create more harm than good. Documents get lost, case notes get mixed up, deadlines pass unnoticed and so on.

This is where ArkCase steps in. We’ve used ArkCase as a foundation software pack for solving complex needs in public defenders offices because it is a very powerful, reliable and easily customizable platform. Also, public defenders staff found it very intuitive and easy to use.

Here are some key benefits that we have heard users report back after migrating onto ArkCase.

Improved Public Defender Efficiency, Save Time, And Track Accurately

improve public defender efficiency, save time and track accurately

The software is flexible, user-friendly and provides instant access to needed client and case information. It allows the staff members to enter all kind of data on each client and case, depending on office needs and resources. The software will also save a lot of time by using templates and data merge capability to generate standard letters automatically using the office’s existing word processing software.

We have a module for ArkCase that specifically meets the needs of the public defender’s high volume practices. Since all cases are put on a single screen, lawyers who represent a client in various cases in different courts can promptly get a full picture of their client’s cases. This enables lawyers to act promptly and precisely with pleas or additional documentation to support the case.

The software also instantly identifies potential conflicts of interest, which could otherwise delay case processing.

Further, it produces an array of reports and data extracts automatically required of the public defenders and reports to track the time until disposition, number of court appearances, the percentage of cases disposed at arraignment, and so on.

Our custom adaptations of ArkCase also allows the public defenders to build their own reports which allow them to specify their data fields and search criteria.

Easily Managing From One Place And Better Client Service

easily managing from one place and have better client service

Public Defenders office staff reported back that since they were migrated onto a customized ArkCase case management system, they can see the status of everything from one place. These include cases, tasks, investigations, appearances, and so on.

We made sure to build an interface where you can quickly and easily enter and manage information all tailored to the Public Defender workflow and needs.

ArkCase software will provide your staff a way to work together on your cases while minimizing effort and duplicate documents. You will have the ability to track statistics that you might not have been able to do before. That, in turn, will help you to provide even better client service. ArkCase is a highly flexible software that will enable you to create an endless number of templates that correspond to different types of cases.

The software provides time-saving utilities as well as a tool for consolidating people records quickly and easily to remove duplicates.

Handle All Case Types From Any Location, On Any Device

handle all case types from any location on any device

ArkCase Public Defender Legal Case Management Software stands out with its ability to handle all case types and provide its clients with remote access to data from any location. ArkCase software will be the right choice for you because it is highly customizable and will meet all your diverse needs. The software will fit easily into your firm’s current technical environment since ArkCase integrates with Microsoft Office applications. Your organization will for sure see improved efficiency and productivity in case management and reporting.

The ArkCase user-friendly and straightforward interface makes for easy managing of documents, tasks, appearances, time and expenses. What’s more, you can use any device like a laptop and even smartphone to access it from any location.

To Wrap It Up

Based on previous experience with public defender offices, and from what their staff report, migrating onto ArkCase drastically improves efficiency.

The customized modules we’ve built allow staff to easily track accurately and manage matters from one screen. What’s more, it allows for an easy handling of any types of cases from any location, on any device.

With a customizable workflow and proper case progress rules, lawyers and supporting staff can stay on top of the mountain of data needed to support any single case.

Hope that this article helps you see how adopting ArkCase Legal Case Management software will help improve efficiency, transparency, and flexibility.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment right below in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this article with your public defender colleagues on the social networks.


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