Increasing the Security in Your Document Records Management

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While most systems integrators (SIs) that operate in the U.S. government market have a Document and Records Management System (DRMS) capability, few are in a position to compete effectively. The reasons are manifold but typically include a lack of government-certified resources (ISO-9001 or CMMI Dev Level-3), lack of approved Contract Vehicles (GS 36 and 70), insufficient relevant past performance histories, and the inability to collate, synchronize, and search for relevant information quickly. These deficiencies result in repeated lost business opportunities in the commercial and government markets.

However, the most important consideration for government agencies today is how integrators can demonstrate that their digital services and platforms meet FedRAMP cybersecurity standards. Successful SIs today must provide a comprehensive suite of secure, scalable, and cloud-based DRMS support to compete in this highly competitive arena. One example of this is how Armedia’s hosted Hyland Alfresco and OpenText platforms allow SIs to meet evolving cybersecurity requirements, overcome certification barriers, and eliminate operational deficiencies in one fell swoop.

The Risks of a Non-FedRAMP Document and Records Management System

As a FedRAMP-authorized provider, Armedia gives state and federal government agencies a smooth transition away from relying on non-compliant content platforms for critical data. In addition, SIs can now rely on Armedia to be a trusted partner for their cloud-based DRMS needs and FedRAMP solutions required for conducting business with government agencies.

While understanding the advantages of using FedRAMP-authorized platforms is a “no-brainer,” it’s essential for organizations to recognize the potential penalties and pitfalls of non-compliance with FedRAMP standards. The risks are grave, and the penalties are severe because of the following:

  • Increased risk of data breaches and lack of security for data at rest (DAR) and data in transit (DAT).
  • Lost or diminished access to data during natural disasters or system crashes.
  • Increased exposure to “back-door” hacks, corporate information leaks, and ransomware attacks.

What are Alfresco and OpenText Managed Services?

Hyland Alfresco and OpenText represent Armedia’s most cost-effective, FedRAMP-authorized DRMS platforms. These cloud-based solutions offer stable, scalable, extensible, and secure DRMS that support federal and state government agencies and provide commercial entities with direct and viable access to those agencies.

The robust tandem of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform and Hyland Alfresco Platform provides bleeding-edge data unification processes that enable reliable task automation and innovative enterprise content management services that protect mission-critical data.

The OpenText platform allows organizations to manage a variety of document types by providing a FedRAMP-authorized and hosted document management service. This eliminates the need for SIs to build and maintain expensive in-house databases.

The Benefits of Armedia’s Document and Record Management Services

Armedia is an experienced and well-respected veteran-owned small business (VOSB) that applies FedRAMP-authorized cybersecurity standards for cloud-based services, including dynamic records management, FOIA/Public Records solutions, and advanced DRMS solutions.

As a CMMI-DEV Level 3 provider, Armedia punches way above its weight class and understands what it takes to win profitable state and federal contracts. The Oregon Department of Justice currently uses Alfresco and OpenText, and the USDA uses Alfresco to manage content, data, and records.

Armedia’s ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certifications give the company exceptional standing in the content management industry. As such, the company represents an unmatched partnership opportunity for other SMBs who wish to gain access to that intensely competitive and highly selective government market in specific and the expanding commercial IT market in general. The Gartner Group, for example, projects that IT software and services markets will grow by 9.8% and 6.8%, respectively, in 2022.

The advantages of using Armedia’s managed services include:

  • Comprehensive Cloud-Based DRMS Solutions – Having access to proven, stable, and hosted DRMS platforms that provide data unification, task automation, mission-critical data protection, and audio/visual records management.
  • FedRAMP-Backed Security – Armedia is one of the few companies in the GSA FedRAMP Marketplace that built over 300 cybersecurity controls to support its entire suite of managed services, including Hyland Alfresco and OpenText DRMS platforms. This means agencies and companies earn “peace of mind” when storing their data on Armedia’s DRMS platform. Armedia also employs RHEL FIPS 140-2 validated OpenSSL for Entropy Source, NGINX, Apache, OpenSSH, and BoringSSL tools.
  • Minimizes DRMS Maintenance and Tasking Overhead – Government agencies can transfer platform maintenance and task workloads to Armedia. This advanced digital covenant allows agencies to focus on their mission objectives while mitigating contract start-up costs and barriers to entry for SMBs seeking government contracts.
    1. Armedia can transfer an entire DRMS operation to a FedRAMP-authorized ecosystem and manage all aspects of patching, scans, pen testing, backups, and upgrades. This allows clients to focus on automating their business processes.
  • Maximizes the Value of Content – Having multiple databases chock full of beautiful data and mountains of documents is nice. However, having the ability to quickly find the relevant data points is twice as nice because Armedia’s DRMS creates relational databases for information, documents, and audio/visual content. Both Alfresco and OpenText use AI and deep ML to enhance natural language processing that gains insight into evidence-based decisions. Many companies fall victim to information overload because they cannot synthesize and collate their oceans of data into cohesive, focused data streams.
  • Mitigates the “Dark Data” Threat – That old saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is inoperative in this googolplex era. One problem with having so much data is getting knee-capped by hidden information and unperceived data that distort trends and cause misguided decisions. Armedia’s advanced cloud-based DRMS solutions, however, shine a bright light into the dark corners of your databases and help avoid such problems.
  • Improves Customer Experience – The reason you’re in business in the first place is to gain and retain clients. Employing Armedia’s robust, scalable, and extensible cloud-based DRMS platform ensures that government agencies and commercial clients enjoy high “perceived value-add“ experiences that translate into enhanced client satisfaction.
  • Integrates Business Processes and Devices – The Alfresco cloud solution and OpenText platform create a unified digital corporate ecosystem that connects computers, email systems, fax machines, and copy/printer/scan machines to enable collaboration, automate task management, and streamline workflow processes.

What Agencies Use Armedia’s Managed Services?

As a FedRAMP-authorized small business that supports GSA Schedule 70 and 36 contract vehicles, Armedia stands apart from most VOSBs in the government support arena. In addition to providing hosted DRMS platforms, the company offers a suite of supplementary services like ArkCase to automate end-to-end case management, AWS to facilitate the cloud-based IT infrastructure, and Ephesoft to manage document capture and imaging processes.

The Oregon Department of Justice and the USDA currently use the Alfresco and OpenText platforms to manage content, data, and records. Armedia’s client list includes some of the most important government agencies in the U.S., like the IRS, USDA, GSA, FDA, CDC, DoE, DoD, and the WHO.

‘RAMP’ Up Your DRMS Security

Armedia’s suite of FedRAMP-authorized DRMS platforms and managed services offer state and federal government agencies the opportunity to transition away from FOIA-based research requirements to take advantage of more advanced cybersecurity standards.

Coupled with AWS, GovCloud PaaS, Cloud-First, Federal Data Strategy, and M-19-21 standards, Alfresco and OpenText provide SMBs with an unmatched opportunity to partner with Armedia to gain access to government agencies and to transition their entire DRMS system to a cloud-based platform that is FedRAMP secure, scalable, extensible, with unlimited growth potential.


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