Why Your Law Firm Desperately Needs a Legal Case Management Software

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The first legal case management software rolled out in the early 90s. Since then, thousands of law firms and legal departments have invested in such software as a way to improve efficiencies and provide better client service. Although the benefits of legal case management software are well-known, some law firms still haven’t implemented such software in their practices. And, despite other law firms are experiencing positive results with legal case management software, some of them are still unwilling to make the switch. Some of the reasons may be:

  • Some of them are reluctant to invest in a new system since they want immediate ROI, yet a legal case management system is a valuable but long-term investment.
  • Other law firms are mistakenly looking at legal case management system as an immature solution because they are misinformed about its efficiency.
  • Some believe they don’t need a unified system. However, using several programs will never be as efficient as one unified system.

Most legal practices are having “wait and see” approach when it comes to new technology, but legal case management has been around for more than half-century now. And, since the legal profession is becoming more and more competitive, it is important to utilize tools, like legal case management software, which will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Change doesn’t necessarily need to be hard, especially when it is about implementing technology to improve your firm’s efficiency. ArkCase legal case management software is specially designed to meet the needs of growing law firms. It enhances clarity, collaboration, and accountability.

illustration that show why your law firm desperately need a legal case management software and how firm will be organized before and after

If your law firm is still hesitant to take advantage of legal case management software, take a look at the article below and see how such software can help you be more efficient.

Secure Your Place in the Competitive Market

Since the law is highly competitive niche, there are various reasons why a potential client may choose another law firm over yours (more expertise, lower fees, etc.). That’s why it is important to plan ahead and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Implementing a comprehensive legal case management software will help your firm work as a cohesive team. You will no longer have to deal with lost paperwork, missed deadlines, or delayed payments. The ability to organize your cases, reports, and payments in an easier and quicker way will bring to improved efficiency and more time for new cases.

Fulfill Client Expectations

Fulfill Client Expectations

Today, more than ever before, clients are demanding quicker access, more information, and efficiency. And, whether your law firm is utilizing server folders, Excel, or some outdated software to manage your client’s cases, there is always room for improvement.

You need to be proactive about the way you fulfill your client’s expectations. This is where the legal case management software solution of ArkCase steps in. ArkCase solution is built with optimized client service in mind. From prompt search to detailed case notes, we empower your law firm to help clients faster, and more important, better than before. Fulfilling your client’s expectations can be a daunting process, but the right legal case management software will ease it.

Improve Your File and Document Management

Have you ever lost a file or received an urgent call about a case placed in your storage? Have your employees’ misplaced paperwork before it’s been filed? If these issues sound familiar to you, you should adopt a legal case management software. Having such solution will help you have access to all the cases any time and from anywhere. Your employees can now collaborate on cases everyone from his/her own desk.

Four Signs Your Law Firm Desperately Needs Legal Case Management Software

Even though many law firms have already invested in legal case management software, a great number of them still haven’t taken the leap. That’s because they recognize the need for legal case management software gradually. This often means waiting until the firm is in crisis and then looking for a solution.

Let’s take a look at the four signs that show your law firm needs a legal case management software.

1. You Are Unorganized

Disorganization can lead to misplaced paperwork

Disorganization can lead to misplaced paperwork, messy desks, lost documents, and even missed deadlines. Disorganization is one of the most evident signs that your law firm needs a legal case management software.

Robust legal case management software can help law firms manage all the files digitally while capturing all important data in one place. This way, your staff will always be organized and collaboration will be much easier.

2. You are Losing Track of Leads

Every law firm wants to get leads and it’s working hard on that, but potential clients can be easy to lose without the right process. Some law firms may have large volumes of incoming leads but don’t have enough staff or they don’t know how to organize themselves effectively.

ArkCase legal case management software allows law firms to track leads and have calendar management to remind you to follow up with your clients on specified days. Legal case management software provides law firms with an effective process of following and managing leads.

3. You Don’t Track Your Expenses

Tracking expenses with legal case management software

Even if many law firms are running multiple marketing campaigns, few of them know how they affect their numbers. Without having an insight of how their campaigns work, it’s easy for law firms to waste their money on ineffective strategies.

Legal case management software that has built-in expense tracking gives law firms into each expense including the ones for marketing campaigns. Having the ability to track the expenses will help law firms make more informed decisions and spend their money more effectively.

4. You Want to Work Outside of the Office

with legal case management software you can work from anywhere

Today, many professionals, including lawyers, want to take their work outside of the office. Whether in court, at home, or on vacation, modern lawyers want to have access to their files everywhere they go.

While editing some documents on Google Sheets or taking the paper files at home isn’t impossible, these solutions don’t allow lawyers to have a complete picture of every case. On the other hand, having a cloud-based legal case management software like Ark Case’s, allows lawyers to take their cases anywhere they want.

If your law firm is facing any of the signs listed above, it can considerably benefit from adopting a legal case management software.

Key Takeaways

For many law firms, finding a software solution can be a daunting process, but it is a well worth one. Implementing legal case management software can help your law firm save resources, time, make your clients happier, as well as help you run your law firm more efficiently. Also, providing your staff with a robust software to manage their caseloads can also reduce your turnover rates.

If your law firm is looking for an effective legal case management software, ArkCase may be the right for you. Armedia has partnered with ArkCase (an adaptive case management platform), and together they have designed dynamic, secure, and feature-rich software to help your law firm become more proactive and efficient. ArkCase is a web and cloud-based legal case management solution, meaning you can quickly and easily manage your cases on any device, from any location.

So, if your law firm is one of the many that haven’t implement legal case management software solution yet, or you want to switch to a modern one, don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues, so they can also see if their law firm needs a legal case management solution too.


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