Key Features of Modern Legal Case Management Systems Suitable For The Office of General Counsel

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key features of modern legal case management system for Office of General Counsel

The technology-driven world in which we live can be a world filled with challenges for some and a world of promise for others. Some choose to live in a ‘paper-based world’ where their organization suffers from inefficiencies, lack of transparency and inability to provide real-time reporting. On the other hand, others decide to join the ‘digital world’ where their organization benefits from modern technology such as using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the transcription of audio and video files.

Technology has become a vital part of every organization. Therefore, Modern Legal Case Management Systems are a must for every highly effective legal department or organization.

Many organizations started using Legal Case Management Systems. Unfortunately, some organizations are still not capitalizing on the key features of Modern Legal Case Management Systems. They have not prioritized the benefits from modernizing or invested in understanding the benefits of continuing with status quo.  In our discussions, many are still using emails and file shares which some even continue to rely on manual, paper-based processes to manage their cases with poor visibility and constant delays.

If your organization is one of them, then you undoubtedly need to take a look at the key features of Modern Legal Case Management Systems and their contribution to your work as part of the Office of General Counsel.

What Does The Office Of General Counsel (OGC) Stand For?

Before we move on to the key features, let us take a little detour and take a better look at the needs of the Office Of General Counsel and what it actually stands for.

The mission of the Office of General Counsel is to identify and meet the legal needs of an organization.

The primary objective of the Office of General Counsel is to ensure just and reliable execution of the laws, regulations, and policies.

In its mission, the Office of General Counsel encompasses a broad range of roles such as:

  • Developing and executing strategies to navigate the organization through challenging legal events. The system manages heavy amounts of global litigation and legislative civil justice.
  • Providing legal support for commercial and transaction services. These include global purchasing matters, distribution, marketing and customer service matters.
  • Handling all of the legal work in connection with corporation and security services. These include securities offerings, corporate finance, corporate compliance, executive compensation and public company work.
  • Working with other legal professionals such as the tax team to produce reliable and thoughtful tax planning that is indispensable to the company.
  • Preparing patents, applications, defend and prosecute infringement actions and negotiate intellectual property agreements.

How ArkCase Modern Legal Case Management System is Suitable For Your Office Of General Counsel

ArkCase modern legal case management system

Our team at Armedia, together with ArkCase, created a Modern Legal Case Management System that corresponds to all of these unique needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of our Modern Legal Case Management System that are suitable for your Office of General Counsel.

 1. Electronic Case Management

Modern Legal Case Management Systems provides a simplified solution for complex processes. These are processes that require a combination of technology and human factor (such as incoming application, a submitted claim, a complaint, etc.)

ArkCase Modern Legal Case Management System enables electronic case filing and automatic opening of cases. Further, it can validate that all documents are submitted before moving the case to the next stage. What’s more, it provides you the ability to see when a case file has been modified and by whom.

These features of electronic Case Management drastically reduce the time and complexity of processes and increase their efficiency.

2. Workflow Management

We customized the ArkCase workflow management based on court regulations and protocols. As such, it allows powerful workflow management.

This customized workflow facilitates creating, storing, and managing cases by:

  • Outlining the permissions associated with Legal Case Management.
  • Enabling communication with the concerned person.
  • Outlining the roles of the Office of General Counsel.
  • Outlining the stages of Legal Case Management.
  • Providing status updates.
  • Determining priorities.

ArkCase workflow management tool uses Alfresco Activiti, a graphical business process tool that is BPMN 2.0 compliant, allowing business users the ability to model their processes.

  3. Calendaring, Time Tracking & Expense Tracking

track time and expenses with legal case management system

One of the most significant responsibilities of the Office of General Counsel is handling all the deadlines associated with a legal case.

The ArkCase Legal Case Management System helps the Office of General Counsel to effectively manage these deadlines. That way, you will never miss an important date. The system allows you to enter deadlines related to each case and automatically adds them to your and others personal or work calendar. What’s more, it measures the time between case filing and disposition.

Another thing about ArkCase Legal Case Management System is that the system can track the expenses associated with the case.

By adding all of the case information in the system, the system provides you with a summary of tasks, deadlines, appointments, and meetings by day, week, month, or year.

You can also schedule hearings, arrange tasks, and set meetings for others.

This kind of automation can save plenty of time that can be used for other tasks.

 4. Case Analytics and Reporting

ArkCase Modern Legal Case Management System allows controlled publication of performance information. As a result, it leads to increased transparency and accountability. And the ability to track court performances increases the public trust in the judicial system.

What’s more, the system allows new cases to be automatically allocated to judges according to existing caseload, case weight, and subject.

5. Centralized Database

The Centralized Database of ArkCase Modern Legal Case Management provides the capability for the Office of General Counsel to store all of the client information in one place. You can include case description, deadlines, contact information for parties and participants, notes on the case, task lists for each case and much more.

This Centralized Database approach improves the organization and management of client information. This allows easier and faster access to this data, from any device that has an internet connection, from anywhere.

The online data entry feature enables the Office of General Counsel staff to enter new case records and update already existing ones.


features every modern legal case management system should have

With our hands-on work on case management projects, we saw the need for a flexible legal case management system that could easily adapt to any use case. We recognized ArkCase as a stable and flexible system to use as the foundation for a system that could easily fit in any large organization, like the Office of General Counsel.

This modern solution helps the Office of General Counsel to effortlessly manage cases, firm matters, and clients.  In addition, we provide ArkCase in a FedRAMP Moderate environment for those Public-Sector clients looking to take advantage of the cloud.

Please feel free to reach out with your comments and ideas. If you have any questions about how our ArkCase Legal Case Management System can fit the needs of your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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