Let there be guitar!

by | May 27, 2010 | Documentum | 4 comments

What happens when you combine Ligero and EMC Documentum when developers have a spare moment. You get:


The question was thrown out in casual conversation – “Hey, do you think we could turn Documentum into a Jukebox?”. So what else would you do with your million dollar investment? It turns out this was surprisingly easy to do when Ligero was put in front of Documentum.

A small number of mp3 files were added to our test repository, the URL was put into the browser and in the immortal words of AC/DC – LET THERE BE ROCK!

The audio player associated with the .mp3 extension was launched and within mere milliseconds rock music filled the room. Of course this was coupled with a nice pair of LogicTech laptop speakers which provided a surprisingly good sound.

Being the nerds we are, we added a small playlist (.pls) to the repository. This was kept simple and contained purely a list of absolute references to the tunes in the repository. First we gave the playlist url to our audio player and once again we were treated to the sounds of rock music. Awesome dude.

So what next. Well, it would be simple enough to develop a few Liglets* for Ligero to build playlists for you. These could return the metadata associated with the tracks. Heck, we could even throw in the Album Art for kicks.  There are lots of things we could do.

For more fun, throw in video and and take advantage of HTML5. This could lead to .avi and possible video training, but where is the fun in that?

*Liglets: a fun and novel idea around adding scriplets to Ligero to assist with rapid development of webpages being served out of Documentum.


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  1. James Bailey

    What are you doing with spare time? 🙂

    So I can use my iPhone to browse Documentum and have a portable Jukebox. Sounds cool, just don’t mix my music with Jimmy’s. My ears can’t handle his rap collection. 🙂

    Also, thanks for my new word of the day – Liglets.

  2. Lee Dallas

    I want to see a demo boys….

  3. Shantelle Kuhl

    Thats lovely stuff you have written up in here. Have been hunting for articles on this all around. Nice blog


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