Modern Case Management: How Innovative Human Resources Departments Manage Incident Reporting

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Usually people think of the Human Resources departments when there is a new hire or there is a problem with someone in the organization. Both big and small HR teams own the task of improving and maintaining the quality of work environment for all employees. Whatever the scenario, taking a look at HR from a Case Management perspective can reveal some interesting tips to do HR much more effectively.

Taking this big world of challenges and putting it on a small screen is a great example of how HR departments can make this a manageable task.

The need for smart  software often includes effective case management that provides real-time data tracking to improve effectiveness and gain efficiencies.

Innovative Human Resources Departments

With that in mind, use ArkCase – a configurable case management platform that can be extended to support all kinds of organizations. ArkCase is secure platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. HR departments like many other departments within an organization need transparency, collaboration, document management, reporting, analytics, workflow and much more,  so ArkCase provides this as core capabilities.

Understanding the need to support a mobile workforce, ArkCase is mobile friendly supporting the ability for the team to work from the office, home or any other place with an Internet access.

Managing HR Cases With 100% Data Security & Protection

We constantly put ourselves in the HR department’s hands with confidential and private information; therefore, ArkCase supports HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements for your data securely. If records management requirements like DOD 5015.2 is needed, ArkCase integrates with CMIS compliant ECM platforms to include Alfresco, Documentum, and SharePoint to name a few. We have also obtained an Authorization to Use for our FedRAMP cloud environment on AWS which includes Alfresco, ArkCase and Ephesoft. This environment provides a secure cloud solution with the latest procedures and controls outlined by the government.

Managing HR Cases With 100% Data Security & Protection

Thanks to this software infrastructure, HR departments can focus on mission-critical programs and services such as tracking client admission, managing case treatments and outcomes without worrying about the technical aspects of managing cases within the organization.

ArkCase can reduce the overall HR administrative footprint by lowering department expenses, eliminating all risks from data management and significantly improving the productivity of your HR department.

Improving The “Client” Experience Management With Real-Time Reports

Department heads are positioned between the worker, client or customer and general management. Making the organization work properly requires a lot of data, from a lot of sources, from a lot of entry points. Making sense of all this data is, a challenge.

What you need is an effective software that replaces the cluttered data-tracking with a performance management mechanism specifically tailored to your agency’s unique objective and its ultimate mission. By giving a concise and accurate measure of impact, the ArkCase helps your HR department to drastically improve management of cases and proper reporting for both clients and management.

ArkCase reporting is completely customizable so you can configure reports to track your KPIs. ArkCase can support you taking your HR department to a whole new level with its real-time reporting solutions and other features that can be configured to your organization’s specific requirements.

With all these features, workers can leave all technical challenges to ArkCase, and focus on the real job: making teams, departments and organizations working smoothly, so that each person is optimally productive and happy while doing the mission-critical tasks.


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