5 Ways A Modern Correspondence Management Solution Improves Workflows

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modern correspondence management solution for improved workflows

Do you want to learn how a modern correspondence management solution can improve workflows in your organization? How organizations manage correspondence can reflect their professionalism, capabilities, and internal organization. And, if you want to take a serious step toward improving your organization workflows, it’s time to think about modern correspondence management solution.

Correspondence Management is a business’ workflow of receiving, recording, responding, and sending data about projects, clients, etc. Correspondence could be something simple like communication between contacts, or something formal like the relationship between customers and providers.

Here are some examples of correspondence that your business should closely manage:

  • Project manager notes or instructions,
  • Letters, faxes, or memorandums,
  • Records of phone conversations,
  • Requests for information,
  • Project design reviews,
  • Meeting agendas,
  • Important files,
  • Change-orders,
  • Emails.

A somewhat short list that is responsible for big headaches for organizations.

Now, let’s look at the 5 ways that a modern correspondence solution can improve your organization’ workflows.

1. Monitor and Manage in an Organized Way

organized management and monitoring

Most of the communication that happens in most businesses is on paper, except records of phone conversations and emails. If organizations don’t find an effective way to organize those communications, critical data could be lost from a certain project, and that in turn, could hurt the company.

That’s why it is important for organizations to adopt a modern correspondence management solution that will allow them to monitor and manage their correspondence workflows in an organized and timely fashion.

Formal letters, hard copies of data, requests for information etc. are very difficult to manage in real time. Shifting your current correspondence management system to a digital platform that provides a modern solution can improve the workflows and professionalism of your business. It can also eliminate wasted hours of manually organizing paper-based files.

2. Track Important Contacts

modern correspondence management solution for tracking important contacts

Miscommunication often leads to mismanaged documents. That’s why it’s essential to set up a correct and neat structure to communicate with stakeholders involved in a specific issue or project.

A modern correspondence management solution will effectively organize all structured and unstructured data. It will make it easier for users to associate correspondence items with their corresponding contacts. The quicker and more efficiently you track and manage the communication with your customers, the faster an issue gets addressed.

Tracking and managing proper correspondence within your organization will streamline the whole correspondence management process. It will also reduce errors and save your organization valuable time.

3. No More Time Spent Generating Correspondence Templates

reducing the time spent on generating correspondence templates

Different projects or clients require different correspondence. So, it is very likely that you’ll spend a lot of time making letter templates that will best fit the specific messages. This is another factor that contributes to wasting time which can set the business behind schedule. On the other hand, a modern correspondence management solution will have a set-and-forget feature to build the templates you need for any client, and for any type of correspondence.

4. Safe and Secure Storage of Information

safe and secure storage of information

Some communications may carry more sensitive data than others so it is vital that confidential and official documentation stays safe and secure. That’s why one of the greatest priorities of your organization should be safe and secure archival of information and correspondence between clients.

It is likely that your organization will have a hard time managing this with paper copy correspondences. But then again, adopting modern correspondence management solution for all correspondence workflows is a safer and more secure approach. You can keep track of what letter was sent to whom and where. Your company will better protect sensitive data and communication with clients if you handle them digitally.

5. Store All Correspondence in One Place

storing all correspondences in one place

Keeping all the data in one place is a smart way of protecting your organization. If your organization involves many parties connected to a single matter, then all of them have to be on the same page. Cloud solutions like AWS are a great platform to store all digitized documents, neatly organized and searchable.

All your scanned and OCRed paperwork, all your internal communication, and any client-generated responses can be stored online, accessible from anywhere in the world, yet secured.

How Armedia Can Help Your Correspondence Management Needs

Armedia can help you efficiently organize your correspondence while helping you manage the creation, revision, and approval of documents. Armedia builds Modern Correspondence solutions and support so you can promptly and easily manage your correspondence templates within your organization.

Armedia can provide support to your organization through:

  • Search, design and building process
  • Custom user interface design
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Template design

Armedia has partnered with ArkCase and Alfresco to offer you a modern correspondence management solution that will provide you the following capabilities:

  • Document annotation and redaction
  • Records management integration
  • Correspondence templates
  • Document management
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Search and reporting
  • Queue management
  • Workflow

Armedia, using ArkCase and Alfresco offers workflow-driven, modern case management solutions that can enhance efficiencies and productivity in your organization, lower costs, and meet program needs in key areas. These include Case Management, Task Management, Correspondence Management, Digital Asset Management, and FOIA Management.

If you need help with managing your organization’ correspondence or you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! And, don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues on social media networks.


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