5 Reasons a Modern Legal Case Management Software Can Help Your Law Firm

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Do you want to improve the efficiency and client service of your law firm? Then look no further than a modern legal case management software.

how a modern legal case management can help your law firm

More and more law firms and legal departments are investing in these systems as a way to boost their efficiency and client service. Even though the benefits of a modern legal case management software are well documented (which we will point out below), there are law firms that still haven’t implemented such software in their practice.

If you are one of those firms, then keep reading to find out the 5 reasons how a modern legal case management software can help your law firm stay ahead of the competition.

1. Increase Productivity and Attract Better Clients

modern legal case management will help your firm increase productivity and attract better clients

Improving the client service is the key to every law firm to reach their bottom line. If your clients are satisfied then they are likely to return. They are also more probable to refer their family and friends. When law firms are looking for a way to improve their efficiency and reach their bottom line, they first should opt for a modern legal case management software.

Choosing the right legal case management system is crucial. An adaptive, modern legal case management software can help your entire law firm to operate as a more organized and cohesive unit. Instead of utilizing a collage of various systems, you can implement only a single software that will allow your law firm to manage at least these 5 components:

  1. Document management and assembly
  2. Workflow and deadline management
  3. Email, calendar, tasks, and contacts
  4. Tracking of time and expenses
  5. Client and matter information

2. Manage Deadlines and Organize Client Files

One of the most demanding tasks of a law firm is managing all the deadlines that are part of any case. A modern legal case management software will integrate with your calendaring system (Microsoft Office, that is) to help you manage the deadlines efficiently and promptly.

An adaptive case management software keeps all the information safe relating to a client in one area. Such a software allows for an easy organizing of client files. You can enter case description, case notes, task lists related to each case, case discussions, deadlines, party and participant contact information, and much more.

You typically have all this information, but do you have it all in one place? A modern legal case management software will allow you to quickly and easily access this information in the context of the case.

3. Automated Time and Expense Entries

a modern legal case management software provides you with automated time and expense entries

An automated legal case management software enables you to record your time and expense linked to a case and show a summary of the activities for that case. You will not have to write the billable time and expenses with a pen on sheets of paper and then enter them into a billing system every month. This kind of automation will save you a lot of time that you and your law firm staff can use on other tasks.

4. Coordinates Communication

Since you will have all the client information in one area, it becomes a lot easier to find the contact information that you need and when you need. You have likely spent a few minutes trying to find an old email to get someone’s contact information. Now, imagine how much time and patience it would save you if you could open up the legal case management file with a single click and retrieve the precise address you want and when you want.

5. Document Retrieval

When it is time to organize a case, you need to pull information from many different sources. Transcripts are in a stack on a shelf, briefs and pleadings are in a folder in your system, email messages are in your email system. With a modern legal case management software, all of these pieces of information will be in one place. When it is time to organize a case, plenty of the work will be already done for you.

Here’s an extra reason how a modern legal case management software can help your law firm.

You can work from anywhere. A lot of the software options are available online and mobile-friendly. That means you can access them from any device such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or personal computer. It is very simple – you go to the website, sign in, and continue with working. You are able to work from home or any remote location. If you tend to travel a lot, then this can be a huge advantage for you as you can use your free time much better to stay productive.

Which Modern Legal Case Management Software Will Provide All of the Above?

ArkCase as a modern legal case management software

ArkCase. Armedia has partnered with ArkCase which is an adaptive case management platform that is secure and dynamic to support your workflow, business tasks, documents, and much more. From intake to invoice, ArkCase streamlines everything with its robust features to help your law firm become more efficient, proactive, and powerful.

ArkCase is a web-based and cloud-based solution so you can easily and securely manage your law firm’s cases from any location, on any device. Armedia has also partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host your law firms’ data with one of the most respected and secure cloud providers today.

ArkCase is a modern legal case management platform that complies with strict security rules such as FedRAMP, HITECH, or HIPAA. ArkCAse has integrated case management solutions with different records management solutions such as Alfresco which is the only open source DOD 5015 compliant document and records management platform.

To Wrap It Up

Implementing a modern legal case management software will be very beneficial for your law firm’s future. You will see some improvements right away for sure. But the most beneficial improvements will show up as time goes on. Such software will help protect firm assets and knowledge, and will also provide productivity metrics. In fact, as staff members across your law firm learn how to use the software, they will become more and more productive.

The right case management platform will help your law firm improve its efficiency and client service by managing client and matter information. The result: a stronger practice that is able to attract and retain more clients. That RIGHT platform is ArkCase alongside with Armedia and Alfresco.

Hope that with this article we helped you assess the 5 reason how a modern legal case management software can help your law firm secure its way to business success. If you have any questions or improvements to add, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this with your colleagues on the social networks, so they can also improve their law firm’s efficiency.


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