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Armedia provides successful and secure document scanning

Lots of places offer lots of services.  Armedia document scanning and digitization does one thing well.  Production scanning to help offices quickly reduce their physical files into manageable electronic files.

This means we scan large volumes of documents.  Whether they are fragile / manual or non-manual / high speed.  We have scanned over 10 million documents with over 8 million aged and fragile documents.  We have taken extra care to ensure every page and all content is clearly visible, readable and accounted.  We can offer these services to be at a client site or at our secure site.

Does your office have tons of files that need to be converted to a working electronic file like PDF or TIFF?  Do you pay hefty storage fees on boxes of documents and then another fee to borrow the box to view the contents and then return the box to storage?

Please know that Armedia can save you time and money by removing your documents from their rented storage space, scanning them, ensuring through quality control all pages were properly scanned and then with your direction have them securely destroyed or returned.  Once they are scanned and not destroyed but returned to their rented spaces, no longer will there be a frequent need to move them in and out of their rented spaces as the electronic file will provide the same information in a much easier and accessible, searchable format.

Armedia recently completed scanning eight departments at one Federal agency in one fiscal year.  Our services allowed the Agency to consolidate space by destroying the documents and then the ease of working with digital files.  Employees were relieved to see their files were quickly accessible to use and share. Historical documents were captured and no longer aging from the elements.  Content was safely captured for future use and reference.  Fear of light, air or insects destroying files is no longer an issue to them.

One protective agency librarian did not want us to touch their fragile documents for fear of harming them.  With much trepidation and resistance, they released their files to us.   As soon as we returned their documents they commented with much surprise and happy relief.

‘Wow, all I can say is wow!  I can’t believe how all my files are now safely captured and available to use.  I have been so protective of them for years. For years, I have been very strict in sharing these severely fragile documents and books.  Now they are accessible to everyone to read.  Wow, thank you.  You just made my job so much easier.  What a relief. Thank you’.

Quality Equipment.

Armedia has invested in high quality scanners to ensure quality production and viewing of digitized documents. We have fragile scanners and flatbed scanners.  The flatbed scanners include ‘Advanced Triple Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection with Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF) and retain image feature’.  In layman terms; when a document enters the machine it will hear if a page starts to scrunch and immediately stop.  Protecting the document from potential shredding in the machine.  It will also protect against multi feeds and maintain image quality.

Our scan team members clean their machines several times a day to avoid streaking on documents from build up of dirt and grime.  Aged documents with onion skin paper leaves a residue on the equipment requiring much more frequent cleaning between scans.  Running large volumes of onion skin paper through scanners will often leave lines or streaks on the final scans. Which may block text and require rescanning.  It’s very important to us to frequently clean the equipment to avoid these issues.

Armedia team members monitor daily all the working scanner parts to ensure top performance.  Parts are replaced frequently to ensure accuracy.

Pages flow quickly thru a scanner when the wheels are properly working.  Worn scanner wheels often pull multiple sheets thru at one time allowing for misfeeds and worse – pages not scanned.  Only thru an accurate quality control process will missing pages be found.

Armedia quality control is at both the scan level at time of scan and then by our QC team post scan. Our scanner technicians review pages prior to scan, they count the pages to know the actual scan count. After the scan they confirm page count, review scans to ensure quality of each image and see if anything on page is missed during scan from a folded page, page overlap or dust.  We then take an extra step with a trained Quality Control person reviewing all the files against the physical documents to ensure all pages are present, clearly visible, no items are missed in scan and no damage occurred.

Missing Pages

Every page is counted prior to scanning.  We know the number of pages that should be scanned.  We verify the scanned page count once scanning is completed.  We also recommend scanning both sides of the page every time to ensure 100% accuracy of no missed pages.  Blank pages can be removed after the scan or at the time of scan but risk of items missing is possible. As people write lightly or in pencil on pages those items can be missed depending on the scanner quality setting.  We recommend 300 dpi as the standard setting.

How often have you taken a document you are using to turn it over and write notes on the back of the page? We see it all the time.  We understand the value of these notes and know they need to be scanned.  Nothing worse then going through scanned pages looking for a specific item to realize you wrote it on the back of a page and the back was not scanned. Bummer.  Capture all your data, including what Is on the back.

A blank page tells the story; nothing was written, nothing is missed.

Tracking Documents

We track all files and pages depending on how we receive your document meta data.  If we receive names of all documents prior to scanning we will use that list to track files through our workflow.  If we have to create your meta data at time of scan we will do that as well.  At anytime we can find a file and let you know the status.

If you urgently need a file or document we can retrieve it for you and return to you within 24 hours via scan or physical delivery.  Sooner if it is vital.  We are here to help you keep your business running while you update your processes.

Trust Armedia, we are here to help you achieve your goals for you document scanning & digitization.

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