Part II – Create a Connection to a Documentum Repository

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Once you have completed the steps taken in Part I of this series, you need to create the connection. In order to utilize the integration between the Adobe FrameMaker application and the Documentum Content Server Repository, connection information must be added and configured.  The following information will guide you through adding the appropriate information in order to successfully connect through the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) Software Development Kit (SDK) interface.


Here are the steps:

The first step will be to set the location of the DFS SDK, the unzipped directory just created on the local machine.

Open Adobe FrameMaker10

Open the Adobe FrameMaker application on your PC to begin the configuration process.

Adobe FrameMaker Choosing CMS Preference

A CMS Preferences dialog box will appear, this is where the location of the DFS SDK directory will be added.  In order to browse to the DFS SDK directory location click on the “Browse” button.

Browse CMS Repository through Adobe FrameMaker

Browse to the location “Work” directory that you created on your computer in the last blog, then highlight the “emc-dfs-skd-6.5” directory and select “OK”.  Now that the Adobe FrameMaker application is aware of the DFS SDK, the connection configuration may be entered to connect to a Documentum Content Server Repository.  A dialog box appears after the “OK” button is pressed and the Adobe FrameMaker application requests to be restarted. Once it has been restarted, move on to the next step.


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