Part III – Connecting to a Documentum Repository

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 Once you have successfully completed the steps from Part II and the application has restarted following the steps takes to create a connection to the Documentum repository from my previous blog, you will need to establish the connection to the Documentum Content Server Repository that was configured. To do this part of the process, we will turn to the connection manager.

Click on the “CMS” file menu then select “Connection Manager”.

Select the Connection Manager

After the connection is made successfully then Adobe FrameMaker project files may be opened directly from the connected Documentum Content Server Repository without ever leaving the FrameMaker interface.

FrameMaker Connection Manager Dialogue Box


The “Connection Manager” dialog box will then appear.  In this dialog box you will need to enter the following information.

  1. The name of the application server where the Documentum DFS application is currently running
  2. The port number for the application server
  3. The repository user ID that will be used for the connection
  4. The password for the user ID
  5. The name for the connection
  6. The name of the repository

Enter the Documentum Content Server Repository connection information and then click the “Connect” button.  If the connection information is correct and there will be a slight pause while the connection is made to the Documentum Content Server Repository.  If there is an issue with the connection to the Documentum Content Server Repository then an error message may appear stating that the invocation failed.

Get Schema Info

After a connection is successfully made to the Documentum Content Server Repository, a tree view pane is opened displaying the cabinets and folders present within the connected repository.

Connection to Documentum Repository from Adobe FrameMaker made

Browsing through the Documentum Content Server Repository is possible at this time within the tree view pane.  Projects files may also be opened through the process of clicking on the “File” menu item and then “Open”.  Or navigation through the Documentum Content Server Repository may be continued through the “Open…” link in the Adobe FrameMaker welcome screen.



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