People Growth in Talent Acquisition

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‘Our people are our most valuable asset. Every person at Armedia is committed to growing themselves and members of our team. We strive to develop our employees’ breadth and depth across our business areas. We emphasize this focus through our employee coaching program to set personal business goals that expedite growth into new roles within the company.’

people growth in talent acquisition

December and January bring thoughts of reflection for the previous year and consideration for the upcoming year. At Armedia we encourage our team members to begin thinking in November about their personal growth in the new year. They will consider what certifications they want to attain or new technologies to learn. They work with an assigned coach to pull it together and break it down by quarters to make it manageable and doable.

The very best part of Armedia is our people. Without them, we are really nothing.  We often mention that billable projects will come and go but our people stay and grow. We are award winning because of our people. We look to hire the best of the best. We never want to settle on people.

Traits of good talent in people is their desire to learn new things. They are problem solvers. They are independent yet work great on a team. They will openly share and communicate. They will teach and encourage others on technologies. They mentor and encourage without thinking about it.

Armedia embodies diversification. Recently a guest attended one of our quarterly meetings. The guest commented on their surprise of seeing a room full of really happy people with such diversity in sex and race – truly the American dream having such fun together. This diversity brings a lot of cultural learning to conversations and a great variety of food at our Pot Luck Lunches.

Good people are good people. Diverse backgrounds bring out the cultural flavors in each of us. It also opens up the ideas of new vacation locations. Once one learns more about people from other lands it often generates a desire to go and experience it first-hand. For some, with the right encouragement, it’s a chance to rent a van, leave their home state of Virginia and travel a few hundred miles to see the Big Apple. Which is something a team of our developers did not too long ago. For many, it was their first trip to NYC. They have since rented a van a few more times to see other amazing USA destinations.

For me, I am intrigued to go to Iceland after one co-worker spoke to me at length about it at our Christmas party and several times since. They go annually and have the best stories of all the fun things to do in a frigid climate. Being from Michigan I know cold – give me something else. They insist there is more there than the cold. So who knows – maybe it will make my bucket list. Either way, I love working for a company where I can travel the globe by just coming into work every day. I love working with people that are always thinking. They are excited to try and learn new technologies. They are willing to step up and be their very best self every day.

People growth starts with our leadership. We put it out front and on our website: ‘Leadership at Armedia is not about rising above the rest, but helping others—employees and clients—to exceed their own expectations.

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