How Your Organization Can Benefit From Modernizing Correspondence Management?

How Your Organization Can Benefit From Modernizing Correspondence Management?

Modernizing correspondence management solutions provide complete facilitation and automation for all outgoing and incoming correspondence movement. Such solutions can provide your organization with a central repository that stores data and that can provide a flexible method of moving data within an organization and across departments.

A study points out that almost 80 percent of consumers have ended their business relationships because of poor communication and customer service. Good customer communication is quite challenging when thousands of emails, reports, letters, policies, contracts, and welcome-packets go out every month.

Modernizing correspondence management is of huge importance for all government agencies, business people, and other parties who need the greatest level of productivity. This is especially pertinent for those agencies or individuals that have to deal with deadlines, and that requires an effective control system over correspondence channels.

Correspondence Management Addresses Your Organization Needs

correspondence management addresses your organization needs

Modernizing a correspondence management solution will organize and automate outgoing and incoming correspondences. This type of solution provides the central repository that stores correspondence with data and it provides a flexible method of moving the correspondences within and across departments.

  • It Connects outgoing and incoming correspondences linked to a particular subject, in addition to connecting with referenced correspondences from within the communications. This gives your organization the ability to quickly and easily navigate through the connected correspondences from a single interface using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • It Saves Effort and Time (read money) by giving the ability to track the correspondences “location.” This helps identify their location in the organization, who is the staff member responsible for taking actions regarding it, communicating bottlenecks, delays, and so on.
  • It Decreases the Number of Processes the correspondences go through on its processing path until it reaches its endpoint.
  • It Strengthens Security and concealment where only the responsible department can view the correspondences.
  • It Integrates with Other Systems in the organization’s departments.

Why is Correspondence Management Crucial for Businesses

Correspondence management is a crucial business function for companies across industries

Correspondence management is a crucial business function for companies across industries. From government, insurance, and banking to retail, healthcare, and travel – whatever your business, efficient communication with customers or citizens through correspondence management solutions is a “must.”

Even so, plenty of businesses have not taken full advantage of modern solution capabilities to improve their correspondence processes. These improvements include adding flexibility to reuse content (and improve personalization), as well as saving expenses for document assembly and delivery.

In addition to saving real money through expense reduction, today’s modern correspondence solutions present more options to the user. These options can be capable of improving sales in that they align a receiver’s location, intents, and interests.

In today’s economy, squeezing out cents from processes and eliminating system duplication can instantly impact the bottom line.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Agencies like government, insurance, and financial services benefit the most from modernizing correspondence management through improved control of client communications to meet the regulatory needs. This is especially related to the ability to promptly address new needs and provide an audit trail.

A good correspondence management system provides workflow management for multilevel approvals. It eases conformance around required formats, and it can include BPM (business process management) capabilities for added business compliance to address regulation.

Expense Savings

correspondence management reduces costs

Costs savings from correspondence management starts with targets which are easily achievable and do not require a ton of effort. As an example, reducing paper usage and expenses linked to printing and distribution can save quite a bit quickly.

Through integration with employee or customer databases, correspondence management helps minimize the mailings required by better coordinating statement delivery with timely and relevant materials. Good correspondence management also aids in increasing electronic delivery. Replacement of legacy mainframe systems and data centers also leads to large ongoing expense reductions.

Improved Content Efficiency

Organizations who adopt modern correspondence management get a huge reduction in time spent editing correspondence templates.

Modernizing correspondence management empowers business users to manage creation and changes of templates. Consistency in correspondence design across departments and the ability to update templates also streamlines the content management processes.

Enhanced Customer Service

Due to improved content efficiency, customer service enhances too. With the adoption of a modern solution, customer service areas can see a reduction of customer communication bottlenecks, better quality documents, real-time access to customer documents, and improved efficiency of marketing content.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Organizations who are interested in adopting correspondence management can expect many benefits that relate to increased automation, improved management of content, and data center technology consolidation.

To Wrap It Up

Modernizing correspondence management will digitally automate and facilitate outgoing and incoming correspondence movement. Adopting modern correspondence management solution will provide a flexible method of moving the digital correspondences within and across your organization’s departments.

Armedia fully integrates with Alfresco to centrally archive all correspondences. Furthermore, it integrates with the dynamic workflow of ArkCase which will help in enhancing the data-sharing and collaboration/communication between departments and customers. The flexible workflow helps to decrease the number of processes that individual correspondences go through on their trail until they reach their final endpoint.

5 Reasons Why Public Defenders Need Modern Legal Case Management Systems like ArkCase

5 Reasons Why Public Defenders Need Modern Legal Case Management Systems like ArkCase

Public defenders need legal case management software that can solve their high volume practices and address the specific challenges of criminal defense.

By using such software, public defenders will be able to track and manage all aspects, from initiation to disposition, of a criminal defense case. Legal case management software automates a lot of time-consuming manual processes, enabling the public defenders to review the progress of the case, generate analytics reports, and manage all records.

Here are 5 reasons why public defenders need legal case management software.

Event and Calendar Management

legal case management software captures and manages events on in-application calendars

Timely disposition of cases is a must for any office. That’s why legal case management software is here to capture and manage events on in-application calendars. You can view these calendars while displaying diverse layers of information at-a-glance. ArkCase integrates with Microsoft Outlook to provide real-time updating of tasks, events, etc. We provide you the configuration and functionality to manage all of the matters; you just control the scheduling, locations, and resources. Further, we provide ad-hoc reporting capabilities to compile and bring statistical data according to your needs.

Generate and Manage Reports

generate and manage reports with ArkCase Public Defender legal case management software

Legal case management software provides a step-by-step process for the public defenders to generate custom reports. It provides a list of tables and views from which you can select. Further, public defenders can run reports off of any field in the system, and they can save and edit posts generated previously. What’s more, you can search and save reports to applications, individual users, and to user groups.

With modern legal case management software, Public Defenders can choose from various report style and theme options such as summary style, report design, watermark, and much more. After generation of reports, you can view the report in print layout, save the report for future use, print, and export them.

In-Depth Financials

ArkCase software captures all transactions, when they were made, who made them, and why

Accurate and complete records are obligatory in any office particularly in this age of accountability and transparency at all levels. With utilizing legal case management software, public defenders can focus on processing daily transactions since it provides in-depth financial functionality and security. ArkCase software captures all transactions, when they were made, who made them, and why.

Such software will not only work in accordance with your current financial processes but also improve efficiency and security – all the way from the start of the money handling cycle to the end. ArkCase makes every effort to ensure that public defenders maintain the trust from the public they have formed.

Workflow and Case Activities

Legal Case Management software keeps public defenders aware of many of the activities linked to an individual case

Legal Case Management software keeps public defenders aware of many of the activities linked to an individual case. Workflows help maintain compliance with the changing government regulations. Additionally, the workflows have alerts, reminders, and tickles, so that the software will automatically display notifications when it’s time to complete a task. ArkCase Workflow and Case Activity functionality:

  • Provides individual and team notifications through integration with Microsoft Outlook task lists.
  • Allows configuring alerts, ticklers, and other reminders to display at various times.
  • Provides case monitoring abilities at supervisors’ fingertips.
  • Allows the construction of user-defined checklists.

Web and Mobile Access

ArkCase case management solutions are mobile-friendly

Public Defenders can access ArkCase Legal Case Management software on the desktop, laptop, and tablet with the most often used web browsers (such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and so on.) All ArkCase case management solutions are mobile-friendly which means that you can access them from mobile with the protection of any Criminal Justice Information. So, this is a great benefit if you tend to travel a lot since simply put, you can access the software from anywhere.

Integrating ArkCase with Public Inquiries

Public Defenders can integrate the ArkCase software with public inquiries for access to case data

Public Defenders can integrate the ArkCase software with public inquiries for access to case data, including:

eDiscovery: Also known as eFOIA, this allows the Prosecuting office to make eDiscovery available to agency-defined Public Defenders straight from the Legal Case Management Software. Documents selected for eDiscovery are electronically sent to the Public Defender Web Inquiry, which is a stable and secure site that allows only selected Public Defenders with a username and password to sign-in. Then the user is notified that they have eDiscovery available to view and download upon log-in. A history log is kept of an eDiscovery that was viewed and downloaded.

Public Inquiry: Provides a centralized web portal entirely integrated with ArkCase Legal Case Management Software applications. The Web Inquiry will significantly reduce the time spent on looking up hearing dates, answering questions, and even printing/emailing documents. What’s more, ArkCase can customize the Web Inquiry specifically to meet your current website and will secure the confidential data.

Law Enforcement Inquiry: Allows law enforcement officers to search stored records in the ArkCase Legal Case Management Software.

Hosted ArkCase Solutions

ArkCase now offers to host its solutions. The benefits of hosted solutions are as follows:

  • Scalability: You can scale your application as your office grows to fit accordingly.
  • Reliability: Your data will be in a center designed to store and protect critical web services, which translates to reliability.
  • Staff Focus: Your staff members are more of value to your agency when they focus on their quotidian duties, rather than putting their energy in behind-the-scenes infrastructure.
  • Reduced Cost: Buying, maintaining, and upgrading your own hardware can be quite costly.
  • Improved Security: Best practices and compliance with industry standards.
  • Maintenance: Built-in maintenance of the servers of your stored data.

To Wrap It Up

There are plenty of reasons why Public Defenders need Legal Case Management Software. We’ve discussed 5 here.  Furthermore, ArkCase provides a step-by-step process for public defenders to generate custom reports and allows the public defenders to focus on processing daily transactions since it allows for in-depth financial functionality and security. What’s more, Legal Case Management software keeps public defenders aware of the activities linked to each case and enables them to access the software from any device and any location.

We hope that this article helped you see some reasons why Public Defenders need Legal Case Management software. If you have any questions to ask or have additional features to add, feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends on the social networks.

Improving Public Defender Efficiency by Adopting ArkCase Legal Case Management Software

Improving Public Defender Efficiency by Adopting ArkCase Legal Case Management Software

Public defender offices across the country rely on software solutions to move from one case to the next, as fast as possible, as efficiently as possible. The challenge is that different offices rely on a different set of software solutions to capture, store, process and retrieve case-related data. And sometimes, things get stuck, or things go terribly wrong. The end result: loss of efficiency at best.

Armedia has been working with the legal department and we have years and years of first-hand experience of how these disjointed software solutions can create more harm than good. Documents get lost, case notes get mixed up, deadlines pass unnoticed and so on.

This is where ArkCase steps in. We’ve used ArkCase as a foundation software pack for solving complex needs in public defenders offices because it is a very powerful, reliable and easily customizable platform. Also, public defenders staff found it very intuitive and easy to use.

Here are some key benefits that we have heard users report back after migrating onto ArkCase.

Improved Public Defender Efficiency, Save Time, And Track Accurately

The software is flexible, user-friendly and provides instant access to needed client and case information. It allows the staff members to enter all kind of data on each client and case, depending on office needs and resources. The software will also save a lot of time by using templates and data merge capability to generate standard letters automatically using the office’s existing word processing software.

We have a module for ArkCase that specifically meets the needs of the public defender’s high volume practices. Since all cases are put on a single screen, lawyers who represent a client in various cases in different courts can promptly get a full picture of their client’s cases. This enables lawyers to act promptly and precisely with pleas or additional documentation to support the case.

The software also instantly identifies potential conflicts of interest, which could otherwise delay case processing.

Further, it produces an array of reports and data extracts automatically required of the public defenders and reports to track the time until disposition, number of court appearances, the percentage of cases disposed at arraignment, and so on.

Our custom adaptations of ArkCase also allows the public defenders to build their own reports which allow them to specify their data fields and search criteria.

Easily Managing From One Place And Better Client Service

Public Defenders office staff reported back that since they were migrated onto a customized ArkCase case management system, they can see the status of everything from one place. These include cases, tasks, investigations, appearances, and so on.

We made sure to build an interface where you can quickly and easily enter and manage information all tailored to the Public Defender workflow and needs.

ArkCase software will provide your staff a way to work together on your cases while minimizing effort and duplicate documents. You will have the ability to track statistics that you might not have been able to do before. That, in turn, will help you to provide even better client service. ArkCase is a highly flexible software that will enable you to create an endless number of templates that correspond to different types of cases.

The software provides time-saving utilities as well as a tool for consolidating people records quickly and easily to remove duplicates.

Handle All Case Types From Any Location, On Any Device

ArkCase Public Defender Legal Case Management Software stands out with its ability to handle all case types and provide its clients with remote access to data from any location. ArkCase software will be the right choice for you because it is highly customizable and will meet all your diverse needs. The software will fit easily into your firm’s current technical environment since ArkCase integrates with Microsoft Office applications. Your organization will for sure see improved efficiency and productivity in case management and reporting.

The ArkCase user-friendly and straightforward interface makes for easy managing of documents, tasks, appearances, time and expenses. What’s more, you can use any device like a laptop and even smartphone to access it from any location.

To Wrap It Up

Based on previous experience with public defender offices, and from what their staff report, migrating onto ArkCase drastically improves efficiency.

The customized modules we’ve built allow staff to easily track accurately and manage matters from one screen. What’s more, it allows for an easy handling of any types of cases from any location, on any device.

With a customizable workflow and proper case progress rules, lawyers and supporting staff can stay on top of the mountain of data needed to support any single case.

Hope that this article helps you see how adopting ArkCase Legal Case Management software will help improve efficiency, transparency, and flexibility.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment right below in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this article with your public defender colleagues on the social networks.

6 Reasons Why ArkCase Legal Case Management Software Could Be a Match for Your Law Firm

6 Reasons Why ArkCase Legal Case Management Software Could Be a Match for Your Law Firm

Are you looking for a legal case management software that is right for your law firm? If yes, you will find this very interesting.

ArkCase legal case management software a match for your law firm

Armedia has been working in the Enterprise Content Management industry for over 2 decades, and we’ve found all sorts of ECM solutions spanning from industry giants down to custom coded software that’s written to specifically meet the need of a department or a small team.

Most of the challenges in these solutions, large and small, is their inability to easily adapt to any use case. So if the legal framework changes, companies would rush to hire a team of programmers to code-in the new rules into workable processes.

ArkCase, as a technology stack, is built on top of established technologies such as Alfresco, Ephesoft, Amazon Web Services e.g. We’ve been able to quickly move large sets of data from proprietary database technologies into ArkCase and digitize millions of printed documents in record time thanks to the seamless integration of these proven technologies with ArkCase.

If you haven’t heard of ArkCase, below are some benefits to show you why you might consider it. So, keep reading to learn the 6 reasons why ArkCase legal case management software might be right for your law firm.

What is ArkCase?

ArkCase is an ADAPTIVE legal case management platform that is secure, dynamic, easily customizable and scalable system. It supports your business process improvement, document management, collaboration, time and expense management, contact management, and much more. With its robust features, ArkCase will aid your law firm in becoming more proactive, powerful, and efficient.

ArkCase is a cloud-based and a web-based solution so you can securely and easily manage your law firm’s cases on any device and from any location. ArkCase is a modern legal case management software with strict security rules like HIPAA, HITECH, and FedRAMP. ArkCase integrates with various records management solutions. One of them is Alfresco which is the only open source DoD 5015.2 compliant document and records management platform.

Now that we’ve covered the basic details, let’s dive in and discover the 6 big reasons to put ArkCase on your shortlist.

1. Improve Productivity and Attract More Clients

ArkCase legal case management software will improve the client service in your law firm

Using ArkCase will improve the client service in your law firm. This is key for any law firm to maximize their bottom line. You will have satisfied clients who are likely to return. Also, with efficient services, clients are more probable to refer their family and friends.

Choosing the right legal case management software for your law firm is crucial.

And that’s what ArkCase is: an adaptive, modern legal case management platform that will help your whole law firm to operate as a more organized and cohesive unit.

With ArkCase, you do not have to rely on different systems for different tasks. You can pick a single software that will allow your law firm to manage these five components (and more):

  1. Document management and assembly
  2. Workflow and deadline management
  3. Calendar, email, contacts, and tasks
  4. Tracking of time and expenses
  5. Client and case information

2. Manage Deadlines and Securely Organize Client Files

Managing all the deadlines that are part of any case is one of the most demanding tasks within a law firm. ArkCase will integrate with your calendaring system (i.e., Microsoft Office) to help you efficiently and promptly manage all of the deadlines.

Also, ArkCase secures all client information. That, in turn, will allow for a simplified organization, and easy-to-access client files.  You can quickly and easily enter case descriptions, case notes, task lists about each case, case discussions, deadlines, participant contact information, and much more.

Typically, you can have all this information with many software solutions out there. However, you will likely not have it all in one place. With ArkCase you can quickly and easily access all this information within the context of the case in one system.

3. Automated Time and Expense Entries

record your time and expense with ArkCase legal case management software

ArkCase is an automated legal case management software which enables you to record your time and expense linked to a case. Additionally, it shows a summary of the activities for that case.

You no longer have to write the expenses and billable time in one system and then enter them into the billing system every month. This is all done automatically, and this will save you a ton of time that you and your staff can use for other tasks.

4. Coordinate Communication

In some cases, your team will need a lot of collaboration. This means that some people will take small chunks of work, combine the results into a single spot, and move the entire case forward.

Such work can be very messy since you’ll need to keep track of who wrote where, when, and why. Communicating while doing such complex work can strain the team beyond breaking its point.

ArkCase seamlessly integrates collaboration and communication under one interface that’s easy to use and legal workers have saved tons of time and frustrations using such an intuitive system.

5. Document Retrieval

When the time comes to organize a case file, you have to pull information from many various sources. Transcripts are in a stack on a shelf. Briefs and pleadings are in a folder in your system. Email messages are in your email system. With ArkCase legal case management software, you can find all of this information in one place. So when the time comes to organize a case file, a lot of the work will be done for you in advance.

6. Work from Anywhere

ArkCase is available online and is mobile-friendly so you can work from anywhere

The last benefit we’ll cover here is that ArkCase is available online and is mobile-friendly. That means you can access all of our features from any device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It is very simple to use – you just go to our website, sign in, and continue with work. You can work from home or any remote location, via a secured, encrypted connection. If you tend to travel, then this can be a great advantage for you as you will have access to the full spectrum of information while on-the-go.

To Wrap It Up

ArkCase is a modern, adaptive, and dynamic legal case management software.

ArkCase will help protect your law firm’s assets and knowledge and will provide productivity metrics too. In fact, as staff members across your department learn how to use the simple but efficient features, they will become more and more productive.

The result: a more efficient practice that can attract and retain more clients.

We hope that with this article we helped you see the 6 reasons why ArkCase legal case management software could be right for your law firm.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below (or just give us a call).

There are tons of customizations we have built on top of ArkCase (Such as our FOIA Module) and we are confident that we can meet just about any case management workflow needed.

If you have any features to discuss, contact us. We are listening.

And don’t forget to share this with your colleagues on social networks, so they can also improve their law firm’s future.

How a Legal Case Management Software Can Improve Productivity in Your Law Department

How a Legal Case Management Software Can Improve Productivity in Your Law Department

Are you looking for ways to improve the productivity in your law department? Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is gaining new staff members. However, that is not the only way. A legal case management software can provide your law firm an increase in productivity without an increase in payroll. It will allow you to collect more information, possibly bill more, and make informed, data-based business decisions.

Multiplying the number of staff members takes more time, energy, and finance than maximizing the productivity of your current staff in your law firm using modern legal case management software application. So, before you invest in increasing your staff members, make sure you invest in legal case management software application and use it to its maximum to boost both productivity and revenues.

Accurate Time Tracking

time tracker

Efficient time tracking is still a weak point for many attorneys in law firms. However, there are a number of apps for time tracking using Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. If you are utilizing a modern legal case management platform like ArkCase, you will find an intuitive way to enter your time.  (ArkCase is a technology company, with expertise, services, and products in Big Data Analytics, Content Intelligence, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), Case Management, Open Source and Mobile Technologies. ArkCase also develops end-to-end solutions for improving service levels, decreasing costs, achieving compliance, protecting information and improving the management of the complete case life cycle).

Whether you are working on a document, doing a task, attending an event, or sending an email, there is a place for you to more easily record your time. You can also track time from multiple cases on a single time card, so you can very quickly track more than one case when switching between tasks.

Further, when you are not in front of your computer, you can enter the time tracker through the mobile app. ArkCase is designed to help you be more efficient so you can provide greater value to your customers.

Accurate Billing Records

If you bill hourly, it is easy to see the parallel between money and time. However, even if you do not bill hourly, tracking your hours efficiently has benefits.

As you declare your time transparently, your clients can focus more on their responsibilities and worry less about their legal bills.

Secondly, in litigation procedures, even if you are working on an unforeseen basis, you may have to share your hours to the court to gather your fees. Detailed, accurate, consistent billing records make it more probable that the judge will approve the hours you state it took to handle the case.

Lastly, you must keep track of the hours of all of your staff members. That is the only way you can accurately know what profit you are gaining on particular types of cases.

Streamline and Boost Collections

Collections are another area where many attorneys have a hard time doing their job efficiently. Billing practices that involve sending unclear and long-delayed statements result in delayed payments or even no payments. The fewer details you add, the fewer clients will believe what you say you did for them. The longer it has been since you last helped your clients, the more likely they have forgotten how much you helped them.

Modern case management systems like ArkCase will help you avoid these errors by making it much easier to record and track your time. This results in detailed statements with less effort for entry and for reporting (and in a timely manner).

To boost collections, you need to make it as convenient as possible for your clients to pay. ArkCase integrates with your organization’s existing accounting system.  As an example, Armedia integrated ArkCase with Microsoft Dynamics for a healthcare client and can support integration for Public Sector clients. However, utilizing the bill payment feature built into your legal case management software streamlines invoicing, since time and expenses are already entered.

Another benefit of using ArkCase to integrate with your existing payment system is that your client will feel more comfortable going to the exact portal that he or she has already used to collaborate with you. It’s one portal for both interaction and transactions. Clients will be able to see the work you’ve provided and pay for the services provided, which makes the whole process much more transparent and appealing to your clients.

Improve Productivity

improving productivity with legal case management software

When your organization or department is more productive, you can spend more time on activities that improve revenues. These include billing time on other cases or working to get new clients. Below are some of the key ways a legal case management software can improve productivity in your law firm.

Document Assembly / Correspondence Management

Lawyers frequently have to create the same documents for their cases. These include documents like retainer agreements and documents filed with the court.  To cut down on time and errors, you need automated document assembly, and there is an easy way to do that. Indeed, there are plenty of dedicated programs to pick from for document assembly. But why complicate the workflow with extra software when modern case management systems like ArkCase already come with a built-in automated document assembly module for correspondences?

Automated document assembly typically works by creating templates in Microsoft Word format with static and dynamic text. Similar to mail merge, dynamic text from the case is substituted within the Word document at the time of creation. Once created and stored in the repository, ArkCase allows users to update the document online creating versions whenever the document is saved without making the user download the document to the user’s desktop and upload after editing.

Workflow and Templates

Probably the best way to improve productivity is to make automated workflows for every task that recur from case to a case. It not only saves time, but it can also prevent errors and oversights too.

When you are handling cases of a similar type, it is likely that you are repeating the same steps over and over. Rather than recreating these steps every time you open a new case, you can make a template of steps and then apply it when needed to drive efficiency.

The repeating list typically consists of documents, tasks, and due dates. But you can also find that the cases need various sets of fields based on the case type. These include pre-determined tasks, contacts, calendar events, and custom fields.

The whole process of starting, managing, and closing a traffic violation case, for example, boils down to using a preset template that ensures that all the bases are properly covered.

Firm and Client Insight with Analytics

gather useful data regarding ROI in specific clientele or case types

Law firm owners tend to look just at how much revenue one practice area generates. They may not consider all the expenses included to acquire the clients and to service the cases. If you do not know the full picture, you may easily focus your efforts in the wrong area of practice. With a solid legal case management software, it is now a lot easier to gather useful data regarding ROI in specific clientele or case types.


Make sure that you enter precise information on how the person came to you when you create a new case or contact. If it was a referral, add the name of the referring client, the company, and a category like “accountant” or a “real estate agent”. And if the lead is from an advertising or marketing campaign, be specific as to which campaign, what keywords, and so on.

If you decide to use ArkCase, you can take advantage of its advanced analytics package to report on income sources, complete with cost data related to the cases, so you can quickly and easily estimate the profit margin linked to a type of case.


The reason that ArkCase includes case-related costs in its reports is that revenue is just half the story. What matters is the net income to you and to your firm. If costs eat up your gross revenue entirely, then you are working for nothing. A thorough maintenance of records is vital. Be sure to relate everybody’s time to a case or category. Also, be sure to record each cost related to a case.


Collections reports, such as those that can be created using the analytics package of ArkCase, will allow you to have accurate insights into which clients pay and which do not. Feel free to “market more services” to a client if you think working for them is worthwhile. Collection data also provides efficient information about the types of matters and clients that are likely to present problems (or ROI) in the future.

Compare the revenue collected with the expense to acquire a new client and the expense of handling the case effectively. That way you will know precisely how much profit you made from each client, case type, and practice area. When armed with this information, you can easily make informed decisions.

Good Case Management is Good Practice

Don’t get stuck thinking that increasing your practice begins and ends with hiring new staff.  This is just one piece of the puzzle. If you use the right legal case management software that offers full functionality, you can grow your law firm. Improved productivity and revenue, expense savings, and savvy business decisions are all achievable outcomes of good case management.

Did this article help you see the importance of utilizing a legal case management software to improve the productivity in your law firm? Maybe you have other features in mind that could boost productivity? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below! And don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues on social networks. Help them to improve the productivity in their law firm too.