Using a Drupal – Alfresco Solution Pattern for Compliance Management

Today’s Government IT sector is challenged with overcoming obstacles that have never been faced before. When the Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1966, no one considered the monolithic quantity of information that would need to be accessed or the complexity of keeping private information private, while making public data accessible.

This challenge, which is backed by the Open Government Directive (OGD) requires that federal agencies to meet diverse demands and services while managing unprecedented amounts of data. Legacy ECM Systems, which were never built to handle such a high volume of data,(See Apache Hadoop or GreenPlum for Big Data Analytics) are unable to simply keep up, much less smoothly integrate with another system in an attempt to gain increased functionality.

This is where open source based platforms like Drupal and Alfresco provide value. As mentioned in the last blog, the Integration of Drupal and Alfresco provides several (if not several dozen) benefits from both the end user and the developer’s perspective. But how can something like this enable Government agencies to increase FOIA compliance? Let’s take a look:


Drupal/ Alfresco Integration is The Word on the Street!

The excitement is palpable. The benefits of a Drupal/ Alfresco integration are considerable, both from a developer and an end-user’s perspective. And users of one of these open source systems have already recognized this.

So, what are the two system’s at play in this powerful migration? Drupal is the open source standard for web content management that currently powers millions of websites and applications world-wide. Drupal is built and supported by a vast community composed of millions of users from countries around the world.  Alfresco, on the other hand, is the industry- leading open source standard for Enterprise Content Mangement. Alfresco also has a strong relationship with the open source community as numerous customized apps have been integrated on top of this extremely robust platform and repository.

The combination of Drupal and Alfresco in an integrated solution results in a combined content publishing and document management system that truly is the best of both worlds.  Still, what are the specific benefits of using Drupal and Alfresco in conjunction with one another? Let’s take a look at two different perspectives:


Case Management and FOIA Compliance

Armedia has done several presentations now on how software for case management can be extremely beneficial in enabling federal it solutions to experience increased efficiency in handling FOIA requests.

With a large portion of the United States Federal Government now using some sort of CMS system, the natural next step is working to make these solutions work better for their specific needs. This presentation, initially given at DrupalCampMD,  is one example that shows how case management solutions can deliver for the specific needs of the United States Government.

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