CMIS Integration – Integrating FileNet with SharePoint 2013

CMIS Integration – Integrating FileNet with SharePoint 2013

Recently, our team has been working on a series of CMIS Integrations. This video demonstrates the use of the CMIS components that we developed and used to integrate FileNet with SharePoint 2013. This integration has been packaged into SharePoint.

During the video, you’ll see how to connect to FileNet, to browse the repository, to create a folder, to create documents and as well to preview documents and to download documents.

Slides from the CONNtext Webinar

Last week, Armedia held a webinar demonstrating the key features of CONNtext, our solution which allows for Maximo integration with FileNet.

The CONNtext solution enables real-time bi-directional synchronization between IBM’s Maximo Asset Management suite and IBM ECM suite The solution provides the capability to leverage controlled documents to handle asset configuration management in real-time. This is achieved with minimal configuration and requires minimal end-user re-training. CONNtext helps ensure the maintenance staff works with the correct documentation each and every time, eliminating re-work and helping to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. The end result is the effective and efficient utilization of assets along with significantly reducing the risk of fines, penalties, regulatory agency enforced shut-down and catastrophic

If you are stressing out right now because you missed last weeks webinar demonstrating this innovative solution, don’t worry. Armedia has loaded the slides from the presentation HERE.

Maximo Integration: Minding the Engineering and Maintenance Information Gap

Phillip Crosby, notable business man and management theory author, asserted, “If anything is certain, it is that change is certain. The world we are planning for today will not exist in this form tomorrow.” When applied to managing a company’s enterprise asset base, truer words were never spoken .  Change is pervasive and anyone who has ever worked in this environment is aware of the challenges of translating an engineering modification package into actual changes to the physical assets and the maintenance supporting infrastructure.

Closing this information gap is the idea behind the CONNtext solution, bridging the gap between IBM’s Maximo Asset Management and IBM’s FileNet Content Management

Different Lenses and Languages


Information In CONNtext

I’m sure that some of you read the title of this blog and feared that someone missed spell check when titling it CONNtext; however the unusual spelling is quite intentional. CONNtext, a play on the words connector and context, is an Armedia developed solution that acts as a connector allowing for Maximo integration with FileNet.  Armedia’s mission has always been to aid our clients in their maximization of the value of their content. ECM systems rarely represent stand-alone business process software and are typically the repository of output documents from multiple business process software systems.

CONNtext provides a seamless bi-directional “connector” between Maximo and FileNet making content information available within the correct “context” for use with maintenance management activities. CONNtext is the first Armedia developed solution created with our new ECM software partner, IBM.

To understand the value and purpose of CONNtext, let’s take a moment to better understand Maximo and FileNet. Maximo provides a comprehensive asset life cycle and operations & maintenance management platform. Typical deployments of Maximo serve the following functions: