My name is NIEM!

Those of you with affinity to old British pop culture or the unforgettable Madness of 80s fame (ahem: “my house in the middle of my street…”) will probably remember the infamous “my name is Michael Caine” circular. Long before Rick Astley Rickrolling, poor old Michael was flavor-du-jour of everyman comedians looking for a quick, omnipresent quip. Well, forget all of that. These days, my name is NIEM!

NIEM which stands for the, inevitably, not so sexy sounding National Information Exchange Model is a formal information exchange schema developed by the US government (specifically DOJ and DHS) to further information sharing across Federal, and in time, State and Local government agencies and their business constituents. NIEM builds on from the much more bulky Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) model; an off-shoot of post 9/11 information sharing initiatives. The idea of NIEM (currently in version 2.1) is to provide a consistent, non-redundant, open standards based XML schema that has some well defined entities and activities for improved inter-agency communication and information sharing.


Migrating CAD Drawings into Documentum

Anyone who has ever attempted a data migration knows that there is no such thing as ‘a smooth transfer of power’, as it were. From learning both the legacy system and the new system, business processes, data clean-up, data mapping, deciding between existing tools and creating new ones, there is a lot to keep track of to ensure that what you have at the end matches what you started with.

Migrating CAD engineering drawings poses its own set of unique challenges. AutoCAD and MicroStation drawings can internally have references to other drawing files that exist within the cms (or content management system). When moving these files over to a new system, care must be taken to ensure these references are maintained.


Electronic Health Records – Possible or Not?

There have been a large number of articles published regarding electronic health records.  I wanted to share my thoughts given that Health IT an area that I believe has a tremendous amount of potential.  This topic is nothing new, it has been discussed, tried, abandoned, and retried a number of times.  Things are different now though in some important ways.  For starters it has a great deal of federal attention, President Obama campaigned on the subject and he has justified it as a big step in helping to improve the economy.  Secondly, the tools needed to facilitate this type of system are a lot more powerful.  Handling large amounts of unstructured data and classifying, tagging, and searching has all become relatively easy.