Using ArkCase As Case Management Software for The Public Defenders Office

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Over the years we’ve worked with various organizations in modernizing their case management software. And again and again, we find ourselves going back to ArkCase as a solid platform for handling large organizations needs.

In this text, we’d like to paint a picture of how (and why) large legal organizations should seriously consider upgrading to ArkCase. And as a prime example of a large legal organization, we’ve picked The Public Defenders Office.

presenting ArkCase as a solid platform for case management

The Public Defender’s Office as a service provider to citizens handles thousands of legal cases. These cases can sometimes last for years. Over the years, different people will do different parts of the case. Making all this work cohesively is a big challenge. And the only way to address this challenge successfully is by using a software system that is scalable, flexible, and most importantly, secure.

From initiation to disposition, the ArkCase software tracks and manages all the aspects of one criminal defense case. Further, the ArkCase public defender case management software automates a lot of time-consuming manual processes. And that, in turn, enables the attorneys to review and track the progress of a case, create and view analytics, and manage all of the records.

Read on to learn why ArkCase should be your go-to Public Defender Case Management software.

Why ArkCase as a Public Defender Case Management Software?

benefits of arkcase legal case management

ArkCase is not only a repository for case data. It is a platform for an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to enhance workflow and to get insights from the data. That, in turn, will enable faster, more informed decision-making. ArkCase software improves the efficiency of data collection and action by improving the process of data collection, storing, using, and reporting.

ArkCase allows for a better and easier collaboration, reporting, and communication among staff. They use this powerful case management system and optimally configure it for you. The staff understands the requirements for managing the entire process of a case and can aid in:

  • Increasing caseload without involving more staff through an automated system and smarter forecasting.
  • Quickly and easily capturing, managing, and reporting on all necessary case data.
  • Configuring and improving processes to the way YOU need to operate.
  • Receiving excellent value with the latest in technological ability.
  • Modernizing antiquated systems.

ArkCase Public Defender Case Management software is a secure, stable, and scalable platform. With ArkCase, you have a secure remote access via the Internet which you can enter through a standard Internet browser. Also, ArkCase software allows for centralized data storage and searching no matter the physical location.

Adopting ArkCase Software allows you to store emails, videos, documents with images, and other types of media with cases. Additionally, you can integrate with advanced technologies, like Web modules and custom interfaces to communicate with external systems. What’s more, you can generate an endless number of custom designed Microsoft Word merge documents.

cloud based case management software

The ArkCase Public Defender Case Management Software allows you to schedule an unlimited number of events, like meetings, conferences, hearings, and so on. Moreover, with ArkCase software, you are able to set up automated reminders and custom workflows. You can also store endless notes or narratives.

ArkCase’s web-based solution, intuitive dashboard, and easy navigation simplify the workflow for any legal process. It provides flexible reporting tools with which you are able to do a quick and accurate overview of case assignments and case status for the public defender’s office. Further, ArkCase software solution provides detailed reports which serve the requirements of each individual attorney, as well as business units, to keep track of the cases and future actions and deadlines.

As we mentioned above, ArkCase provides an intuitive dashboard with no coding required which means you can easily create a report in real time without the need to write computer code.

With ArkCase software solution, you can take case management and reporting to a whole new level by accurate tracking of work and costs and ensure quality service delivery to clients in a timely and efficient manner within a stable and secure software.

To Wrap It Up

ArkCase Public Defender Case Management Software, with its web-based solution, provides a secure, stable, and highly scalable system to meet the requirements of your firm while integrating every aspect in the context of a case.

So whether you are managing cases, documents, fundings, or volunteers, the ArkCase’s features allow you to focus on offering superior assistance without being loaded heavily by technology issues.

This is a complex topic that we only touched on here. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

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