VIDEO- Alfresco CMIS Integration- A Sneak Peak

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For a few months now, I and our fellow team members have been working on developing a CMIS integration to seamlessly allow for Alfresco to be accessed from other platforms. This video demonstrates the components that we built on top of the standard CMIS 1.1 and that we packaged in different platforms like Sharepoint 2013, Sharepoint 2010 or Drupal.

Using these components, you can browse your repository, find your documents, upload documents by drag and drop, edit-online or use full text or advanced search. This video focuses essentially on the integration with Alfresco, but it can be used with any CMIS 1.1 compliant repository. Complimentary to these components, we created as well a filtered search component. This one is only compatible with Alfresco but with any versions. Use this component, you can use a full-text search and filter the result using metadata like file type, creator, creation date or file size.

These components have been built only with JS, HTML and CSS files, so it’s why it’s so easy to repackage in other web platforms. Moreover, we really built it to make them highly customizable. Depending on your use case, you can customize these components to display relevant metadata, to focus on a specific folder, to add a new filter and a lot more.

For more information about our CMIS integration with Alfresco, Join us next week in San Francisco for Alfresco Summit 2014!

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