What the Armedia-Apptio Partnership Offers Clients

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Today, many companies struggle to have accurate insight into the cost of tech investments and understand their future IT modernization needs. That’s why Armedia joined forces with Apptio. The Armedia-Apptio partnership offers unmatched cloud-based IT financial planning, cost control, and forecasting solutions. Both companies combine their expertise and software to provide CIOs and CFOs with deeper insight for increased ROI. 

There are many ways government agencies can benefit and fully grasp the cost and value of their tech investments for more accurate forecasting with the available solutions.

What is Apptio?

Apptio is an innovative SaaS software company that provides advanced, cloud-based IT budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis solutions for multiple industries. Apptio is the leader in the technology business management (TBM) sector that empowers CFOs and CIOs to optimize their disparate enterprise technologies.

Apptio’s FedRAMP-compliant platform gives companies deep insight into the actual cost and value of their tech investments by extracting key performance indicators (KPIs) from their financial, cloud, and IT systems. The Apptio platform also generates custom reports that identify mission-critical spending and cost trends, which gives senior management direct keyholes into the status of their current infrastructure operations and helps forecast future IT modernization needs. 

While its corporate headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington, Apptio has a strong presence throughout the U.S., with offices in Washington, D.C., Boulder, Colorado, and New York City, New York. 

What Apptio Software Offers

CIOs use Apptio to acquire two mission-critical hooks: insight and understanding. Apptio gives CIOs insight into how their applications and cloud-based infrastructure provide value-add to their employees and customers and an understanding of how their applications actually solve operational issues. The software also offers insight into technology spending and unbiased reviews of their IT infrastructure’s short-term/long-term business value. 

Apptio’s FedRAMP-based solution also reveals specific KPIs for each department. For example, the sales team might use more IT infrastructure (CRM and pipeline reports) than the accounting department (ERP), while the marketing department might utilize more web-based assets than the customer support team. 

Apptio gives senior management the insight and data granularity needed to allocate company resources to departments that generate the best ROI for their technology investments. Armed with that knowledge, clients can determine how much to spend for each department and adjust budgets and forecasts accordingly. The Apptio solutions focus on three key areas:

  1. Technology financial management: Creates durable and accurate planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes that compare KPIs across the enterprise and industry peers.
  2. Cloud financial management: Tracks cloud-based spending, cloud migration costs, SaaS license fees, and data usage.
  3. Enterprise agile planning: Displays vital data points from investments, products, and corporate portfolios under one roof. 

The FinOps Approach

The term “FinOps” refers to a collaborative set of standards that assist SaaS clients in managing the various economic aspects of the multi-cloud environment. FinOps improve decision-making and enhance the value of their technology investments. 

Apptio and the FinOps Foundation help companies drive financial accountability for IT and cloud spending practices by allowing them to fine-tune distributed IT, finance, and SaaS deployments. The FinOps framework outlines three phases of financial management that companies follow to maximize their cloud spend value and reduce costs.

Inform phase: Provides cost insight by allocating fully-loaded cloud spending to relevant business centers and assigning financial accountability, including:

  • IT spend visibility
  • Granular cost allocation
  • Team-level budgets and tracking
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Trend and variance analysis
  • Internal team benchmarking
  • Industry peer-level benchmarking

Optimize Phase: Reduces cloud costs by driving intelligent decisions about resource use and provides effective financial levers, including:

  • Real-time decision-making
  • Removing underused services
  • Automating resources
  • Understanding proper resource allocation
  • Predicting/planning purchasing capacity
  • Rightsizing instances and services
  • Centralizing the RI buying process
  • Comparative pricing

Operate Phase: Refines shared IT, finance, and business goals to scale operations with continuous improvement to include:

  • IT, finance, and lines of business (LOB) collaboration
  • Moving finance at the speed of IT
  • Continuously improving efficiency and innovation
  • Defining effective governance and cloud usage controls

Apptio’s Cloudability Platform

The comprehensive utility and value of Apptio’s advanced, cloud-based IT budgeting, forecasting, and analytics solutions are delivered by Apptio’s Cloudability platform, which is managed by their expert professional services system. This advisory team convenes multiple needs analysis workshops (discovery) that develop cost-effective strategies, KPIs, and benchmarks that optimize the cloud migration process. 

The Cloudability platform helps customers allocate and optimize cloud spending to fund future innovation strategies. On average, clients can reap savings of 5% to 10% when adopting Apptio’s platform, which represents an immediate ROI and permits those savings to be reallocated to underfunded departments.

Efficient Data Calls

The key to remaining compliant with regulations, justifying budgets, and presenting evidence-based decisions is having mission-critical information at your fingertips. Presenting the right data and the right time to the right entities can determine success or failure. Companies use their IT data and value-add to convince prospective clients to buy, while internal departments need it to convince senior management to increase their budgets or stave-off staff or resource cuts.

Accurate data reporting is one of the most essential advantages of the total Apptio solution. Gaining market share and retaining profit margins depend on using your company’s resources to address a client’s pain points while avoiding internal knowledge gaps that sap energy, leak money, and increase turnover. 

Assembling accurate information about all facets of your enterprise requires direct and efficient access to data about cloud migrations costs, IT spending and maintenance costs, license agreements and data usage, and per-user/per-department costs, to name but a few of the most important KPIs across multiple IT towers. The Apptio solution presents such data efficiently, accurately, quickly, and reliably.

Manage the Cost of the Cloud Investment

In the dynamic IoT, most medium-to-large corporations rely on enterprise-class platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Salesforce (SFDC) to run their CRM and ERP applications. This means that understanding monthly costs/fees, tracking usage, and managing such complex agreements is a make-or-break proposition for a company. Expenses and legal problems can rapidly develop if a CIO doesn’t have a firm grasp on the situation.

Monitoring all such factors is an essential feature of the Apptio solution. Gone are the days when the accounting department could manage those issues manually with Excel spreadsheets. Instead, accurate, fast, and comprehensive records-keeping is needed to keep a company above water today.

The Apptio-Armedia partnership provides the most comprehensive and feature-rich solutions for clients and will help save them time by helping them understand the different complex financial relationships and producing reports at all levels with a “push of a button.”

What Armedia Offers in the Apptio Partnership

Armedia has over 20 years of experience providing cost-effective IT modernization, data management, case management, and content management solutions.  Armedia partners with industry leaders like Apptio to provide customers with the information they need to make critical decisions.

Armedia and Apptio jointly conduct a full-service needs analysis to ensure clients get the most cost-effective approach to IT and cloud-related projects. This approach also provides a dashboard that displays the real-time use of the services and offers “best-of-class” solutions to optimize IT modernization efforts.

Armedia has a long and storied history of supporting large federal and state government agencies. This experience built durable and lasting relationships with government agency CIOs and CFOs. This background also gives Armedia deep insight into agency IT requirements and future cloud-based programs. In addition, Armedia is well-versed in managing various U.S. government contract vehicles to provide services to public sector clients.

Armedia will adopt Apptio’s FinOps approach to “provide customers with tailored guidance, strategy, and best practices in establishing and operating the activities and processes focused on the principles of cloud financial management.”

Clients and Case Studies

The Apptio cloud-based solution is embraced by a wide range of corporate entities and government agencies across the globe that spend $433B on their technology needs, including: 

Allstate: Allstate uses Apptio to manage IT finance and leverage tech for its long-term success. 

Bank of Ireland: The traditional retail and commercial bank has over 8,000 employees and uses Apptio for portfolio management.

Fannie Mae: Fannie Mae uses Apptio to bill clients and track usage. Freddie Mac is also a client. 

Micron Technology: The memory chip manufacturer uses Apptio to report global IT spending.

Additional Apptio case studies are available at


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