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by | Dec 6, 2016


  • Congress enacted a new law, CPSIA, in 2008 that provided CPSC with a mandate to modernize both its agency operations and underlying technology supporting those operations
  • As part of CPSIA, Congress mandated specific milestones that CPSC was required to meet within two year timeframe with Congressional oversight through GAO and reports from CPSC to Congress
  • Historically, CPSC had not received a substantial increase of both staff and budget which equated to rapid growth and high expectations from Congress, OMB and its constituent base

Problem / Situation

  • CPSC needed an effective strategy to prove to both Congress and OMB that they had a solid plan and could execute against that plan
  • OMB would not release funding to CPSC until it was satisfied that they had the appropriate internal controls to make good decisions and effectively manage the implementation of their major investments


  • Established an Investment Review Board from agency executives and created a capital planning program, PMO and other necessary programs to effectively manage major investments such as IV&V.
  • Worked with program executives and CIO to establish a business architecture and vision for how they wanted the agency to operate going forward. Aligned major IT implementation to this vision.
  • Helped CPSC proactively manage and build its relationship with OMB so that the hold on funding for their major IT investments in support of CPSIA would be removed.


  • CPSC was a small agency with minimal resources and experience planning for and implementing large IT initiatives
  • CPSC did not have an operating capital planning program or PMO

Armedia Services

  • CIO Advisory
  • Capital Planning and PMO program development
  • Business Architecture and IT Strategic Planning
  • IV&V
  • Change management and communication strategies


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