TAG Content Management Society – Warning Signs You Are Outgrowing Your CMS (5/22/14)

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The TAG Content Management Society will be hosting an event on Thursday, May 22 from 4-6 pm at the 5 Seasons Brewing Company.

Warning Signs that You Are Outgrowing your CMS

Has your CMS kept up with your changing audience and evolving business needs? In this presentation, Paul McKibben, Solutions Architect at MediaCurrent, will describe several warning signs that you have outgrown your CMS. Perhaps you must jump through hoops because your CMS editorial workflow has not changed with your business. Or perhaps you cannot adequately serve your increasing mobile audience. From poor end user experience to lack of digital marketing support, understanding your current issues and knowing the capabilities of today’s CMSes will help you make a case for updating your CMS. And if you aren’t encountering issues now, this presentation will also offer strategies for keeping your CMS current so you do not prematurely face a major upgrade.


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