(Webinar) How a Modern FOIA Solution Helps Organizations Improve Performance and Meet Taxpayer Expectations

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Armedi Modern FOIA Solution-Webinar

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If you’ve been tasked with modernizing your organization’s outdated and costly FOIA solution, this webinar will be of great value to you

Join Armedia with our technology partners AWS & Alfresco on Tuesday, July 24th at 2:00 pm EDT to see why organizations are turning to Armedia’s FOIA Solution built on ArkCase.

During the webinar, you will see how we can enable IT Transformation by providing you the ability to:

  • Manage your FOIA requests and appeals and the associated information (people, organizations, notes, tasks, etc.)
  • Manage all digital files to include office documents, audio, video, etc.
  • Redact through a full-featured toolset including pattern searching with tracking of Vaughn Index for exemption codes
  • Generate reports (i.e. DOJ Reports)
  • Integrate with your existing portal, e-mail and Outlook
  • Deliver Responses electronically and publish to Reading Room
  • Generate template based correspondences for consistent communication
  • Adopt a cloud solution that is FedRAMP compliant
  • Leverage AI to search audio and video files for discovery
  • Integrate with records management (i.e. Alfresco) for data governance

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