(Webinar) Improve Response Time and Compliance for FOIA / Public Records

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Armedi Modern FOIA Solution-Webinar

If your organization is still contemplating FOIA modernization, this webinar is for you.
Join Armedia with our technology partners ArkCase, Ephesoft and Alfresco as we discuss the challenges FOIA agencies face, the solution that we propose, and see the benefits that FOIA agencies can get by using a modern FOIA solution.

Typical Case Management Challenges

  • Manual processes
  • Cumbersome adjustment process
  • Missing/lost/duplicate documents
  • Limiting visibility to case tracking
  • Inability for external parties to collaborate
  • Limited reporting and analytics

FOIA Challenges

  • Timely Response
  • Lawsuits, Penalties, Fines, Blown Budgets
  • Too Many Requests and Under-Resourced
  • Losing Accountability to Constituents

Benefits for FOIA Agencies

  • Over 60% improvement in transaction processing time
  • Labor savings
  • Faster transactions
  • Secure processing/compliance
  • Error reduction
  • Easier collaboration
  • Global accessibility

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