WEBINAR: Make Modernization of Citizen Engagement a Priority in 2020

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Event webinar: Make modernization of citizen engagement a priority in 2020

Thursday, January 30, 2020 – 8:00 pm your time

Many agencies are using modern, digital platforms to transform citizen engagement. They are improving the citizen experience and response times by reducing costly, time-consuming manual processes.

Alfresco and Armedia have worked with numerous agencies to help them successfully streamline their digital records processes resulting in dramatically improved citizen service and reduced costs.

In one hour, industry experts Paul Hampton, Alfresco and Ajie Velasquez & Matthew Maines, Armedia will share:

  • How to reduce the time and effort to respond to citizen requests, resulting in greatly improved citizen experience and better cross-departmental coordination
  • How to effortlessly manage the security and retention of critical governmental records
  • How you can dramatically lower long-term costs by managing the complete lifecycle of information from creation, through archival to final destruction

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